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After Boeing Airplane Accidents, Customers Express Airline Safety Concerns

While flying is often cited as one of the safest ways to travel, it is hard to ignore the headlines when a serious accident does occur. While airplane crashes are not common, other issues onboard can result in serious personal injuries. In the aftermath of the Ethiopian plane crash that killed more than 150 people, we explore the dangers flyers face.

Ethiopian Crash Raises Concerns About Plane Safety

Anytime a major airline accident happens, it shines a spotlight on issues related to safety. According to a March 11, 2019 USA Today report, the recent catastrophic crash involving an Ethiopian Airlines flight has airline customers in this country concerned about their own travel plans. The crash involved a Boeing 737 Max 8, which has recently been added to the fleets of all major U.S. carriers. Unfortunately, this latest accident was the second fatal crash to occur in less than five months involving the new plane.

In the aftermath of the Ethiopian accident, numerous airlines grounded the plan until further investigation. At the same time as these companies were making this announcement, Southwest and American Airlines, which are major carriers out of Portland International Airport, announced their own decisions to keep the plane in use. Customers currently booked on flights expressed their concerns on Twitter. A California woman with plans to travel to Portland in May was one of many who questioned the type of plane that would be used on the flight while insisting she would not board a Max 8.  

On March 13th, the Trump Administration grounded all Boeing 737 Max 8 airplanes across the country, putting all of these out of use for now.

More Common Causes of Inflight Injuries

While the thought of a plane crash strikes terror in the heart of anyone flying and is the reason why many people refuse to board a plane, the fact is your chances of being involved in this type of accident are slim. According to the developer of Am I Going Down?, a cell phone application which rates flight safety, your odds of being in a major crash are anywhere between one in one to five million at best. Airline customers are far more likely to be injured by incidents that, while appearing relatively minor, can still result in serious personal injuries. These include:

  • Slips, trips, and falls, either while boarding, disembarking, or during the flight;
  • Falling baggage from overhead compartments, which is common during turbulence;
  • Beverage carts that either bump into you or roll loosely through the plane;
  • The actions of other passengers, including physical altercations and dog bites from emotional support animals.

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