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Johnston Law Firm represents its clients with outstanding diligence, determination and success.


We represent clients in personal injury litigation, insurance denials and coverage, appeals, and other civil litigation matters. We specialize in making insurance companies and juries understand your story, thereby achieving the best results for our clients. We are consistently more prepared than our opponents, which helps us to achieve outstanding results on behalf of our clients.

Our Philosophy: The Trusted Advisor

While delivering results today, we always consider the long-term goals of our clients and colleagues tomorrow. In doing so, we partner with our clients and colleagues to pursue success at every level. That means more than winning cases or resolving claims. It means being an ongoing resource to our clients and colleagues, and helping them thrive in all of their endeavors. In short, we want you to succeed in all your ventures — even the ones unrelated to your case or our firm.

Although our focus is personal injury, we take a big picture approach to practicing law. We seek to ensure that you find the right attorney for all of your legal needs, even in areas in which we do not practice. We gladly accept and appreciate referrals, and we ensure that our clients find the right attorney for their case. This philosophy creates a better legal experience for our clients and keeps us tied in closely with our colleagues and the community. Please let us know how we can help.

Our Cases Make the Community a Safer Place

When you work with the Johnston Law Firm, you won’t just be getting a lawyer who cares about making sure you get a quick settlement. You’ll also be getting an attorney who won’t back down against large corporations and insurance companies, and who is fully prepared to take your case to trial. Our law firm believes in holding negligent individuals and companies accountable both financially and morally by demanding that they take the proper measures to make our clients whole again and, whenever possible, make Portland a safer, healthier community.

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