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Auto Accident 
Injury Victims in Fairview, OR


Car accidents rarely occur when we expect them to, which is why it is so frightening and alarming when it does happen. We are surprised and on an emotional high, whether it is out of fear or out of anger. The process after getting in an accident can be similar; unknown, scary and unpredictable. But it does not have to be. We at the Johnston Law Firm will listen to you and take care of you like you are a part of our family. Call us today if you need any advice or to start your car accident claim at 503-546-3167.

Common Injuries
from Car Accidents in Fairview

Accidents can be varied in their type as well as their results. Some major accidents can result in minor or no injuries, while some relatively minor accidents can result in life-altering injuries. It sometimes depends on how you are hit and how your body reacts to the impact. Below are some of the most common injuries from car accidents:

  • Whiplash
  • Lacerations
  • Head injuries
  • Lower body injuries (foot, ankle)
  • Back injuries: herniated discs, fractured vertebrae

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What Types of Damages 
are Fairview Car
Eligible for?

In the state of Oregon, two types of damages are eligible for victims to receive compensation for. Both of which are designed to give the victim back what they lost financially.

Economic Damages: compensate an injured victim for direct financial losses, such as medication costs, hospitalization stays, surgery bills and lost wages. Economic damages are defined by Oregon law as “objectively verifiable monetary losses including but not limited to reasonable charges necessarily incurred for medical, hospital, nursing and rehabilitative services and other health care services, burial and memorial expenses, loss of income and past and future impairment of earning capacity”.

Noneconomic Damages: compensate an injured victim for more subjective losses such as emotional trauma or distress. Oregon law defines these as “subjective, non-monetary losses, including but not limited to pain, mental suffering, emotional distress, humiliation”. These damages are more difficult to quantify, as emotional pain can be traumatic and long-lasting, as well as difficult to recover from.

The specific amount you will be eligible for will depend on various factors but trust us at the Johnston Law Firm that we will fight tooth and nail to get you back what you lost.

How do I Know if
I Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

Depending on your circumstance, you may not know this right away, but what you should know is that the Johnston Law Firm will be here for you even if you decide not to hire an attorney. One of your first calls should be to your car accident attorney to get honest and helpful advice of what you should do next. If you call the Johnston Law Firm, we will lend our ear and give you the best advice for your situation, whether it be to meet with us in person or the information for another attorney who might suit your case better. We highly recommend you take advantage of our free consultation at the very least, to gain a better understanding of your position. Do not hesitate to call us today at 503-546-3167.

Oregon Statute
of Limitations Law

Each state has a statute of limitations law for car accident claims and it specifies the timeframe you have to file your case within. In the state of Oregon, you have two years from the date of the accident (same date as injuries) to file a claim. The sooner you call your car accident lawyer, the sooner they can begin fighting for you to ensure that all the benefits, coverages, loss of wages and other entitlements are honored in your behalf. 

If you fail to bring your claim within that two years, the state will deem your case “time-barred” and you will lose your entitlement to pursue compensation. Do not wait to contact an experienced car accident attorney in Fairview today. 

Determining Liability in
Fairview Car Accident Cases

In car accidents, so many factors can vary to influence how a case progresses, whether it be the injuries, the date of the accident in correspondence with the injuries, or who the insurance company claims liability lands on. Determining liability is vital to the success of your case, and this is the main focus of insurance companies when an accident happens. The police, insurance companies, and any other interested party will evaluate the following items:

  • Vehicle damage to both or all vehicles
  • Statements made by either party after the accident
  • What kind of accident it was: rear-end, side swipe, head on collision?
  • Evidence such as witness reports, surveillance, police reports, driving records
  • Any physical evidence

This is one of the most important factors in a case and in many cases, will be a defining factor.

Asked Questions

Even if you decide not to hire a car accident attorney, it is best to weigh all your options, and the Johnston Law Firm can be a great place to start. We will listen to you and what happened, and make a quick, free assessment on your case and what your next step should be. An experienced and dedicated attorney like Marc Johnston can be vital in fighting for you and handling the insurance companies, which is never easy. Mr. Johnston will handle this side of affairs, while you can focus on your health.

If you have auto insurance, and the accident is deemed to not be your fault, the at-fault driver’s insurance will most likely pay for your vehicle repairs or deem it ‘totaled’ and offer you an amount for your vehicle. In regard to your medical bills, if you have Personal Injury Protection (PIP), this coverage can also cover some of your expenses. But insurance companies have one goal: pay out as little as possible as fast as possible. Hiring Mr. Johnston and his team will provide you with people who care about you and who will ensure all coverages and claims will be honored.

UM stands for Uninsured Motorist and UIM stands for Underinsured Motorist. These are clauses that can be on your insurance coverage and will be used if someone hits you who are either uninsured or underinsured.

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