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Dawson Creek, Rood Bridge Park, and Rock Creek Trail are just a few of the beautiful spots throughout Hillsboro that allow cyclists to get around and enjoy the beautiful climate and scenery. Unfortunately, cyclists often have to leave the safety of these paths and trails and make their way onto the roadways, where they have to share space with drivers of much larger vehicles.

Unfortunately, when bikes and vehicles interact with each other, collisions often occur. When they do, it is always the cyclist that will sustain the worst injuries. Cyclists simply do not have the protection of air bags, seat belts, and strong steel frames that motorists do. During a crash, they are likely to sustain severe injuries such as brain injuries, broken bones, road rash, and more. If you or someone you love has been hurt, you may be able to file a claim for monetary compensation. A Hillsboro bike accident lawyer can help you claim the full settlement you deserve.

Recovering Compensation
for Bicycle Accident Injuries in Hillsboro

As a cyclist, you have a number of legal options for claiming different forms of financial compensation after a bicycle accident. If you are also a driver and have an auto insurance policy, you can file a claim with your own insurer. Oregon is not a purely no-fault state, but motorists are still required to carry personal injury protection (PIP) benefits. If you have your own auto insurance policy, you can claim up to $15,000 in PIP benefits.

Sadly, insurers are not always concerned about the needs of bike accident victims, choosing instead to prioritize their own profits. If the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement, or you do not have your own policy, a Hillsboro bike accident lawyer can help you file a lawsuit against the negligent, or careless, motorists that caused your injuries. A lawyer can also communicate with your own insurer on your behalf and hold them liable for paying a fair settlement.

PIP benefits will provide compensation for all of your reasonable medical expenses and a portion of your lost income, up to the policy limit. Through a personal injury claim against a negligent party, you can recover even more in compensation, including non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering.

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Common Causes
of Bicycle Accidents

I think most Hillsboro bicycle accident attorneys would agree when I say that nearly every bike accident that happens in Hillsboro is preventable. The vast majority of crashes involving bicycles are caused by the negligent acts of another party. Negligence takes many forms but the main causes of bike accidents in the city include:

  • Careless drivers: Negligent drivers cause most of the bicycle accidents in Hillsboro. Texting while driving, impaired driving, failure to yield, tailgating, and speeding are just a few of the most common negligent acts drivers engage in that cause bicycle accidents that cause serious injuries.
  • Negligent road conditions: Hillsboro boasts wonderful infrastructure that is intended to help cyclists get around. Still, government entities have a legal duty to ensure the infrastructure is safe for everyone to use. These entities do not always fulfill that legal duty. Potholes, uneven road surfaces, gravel roads, and a failure to install traffic lights or traffic signals are just a few types of negligent road conditions that can result in a serious bike accident. Holding government entities liable for their own negligent actions is never easy and the process is vastly different from other personal injury claims.
  • Fixed object collisions: Cyclists are sometimes involved in a crash with a fixed object. Sometimes, this is the fault of the cyclist, but that is not always the case. Cyclists may sometimes swerve to avoid debris on the roadways or dangerous road conditions. Dooring is another type of fixed object collision that seriously injures cyclists. Dooring occurs when a driver of a parked vehicle opens their door into the path of an oncoming cyclist.

What to Do After
Bike Accident in Hillsboro

Bicycle accidents are sudden and they happen in an instant. Naturally, cyclists experience trauma, stress, and confusion afterwards. Due to this, you may not know exactly what to do in the moments following a crash. However, the actions you take immediately after a collision are important, and they will directly impact any claim you file.

Just as there are certain things you should always do after a bike accident, there are also things you should avoid doing. Never apologize, even if just to say you are sorry the accident happened at all. Also do not speculate about what happened when talking to the police. Stick only to the facts and if you do not know a specific detail, simply say so instead of trying to guess. The insurance companies will use these actions against you to deny the fair settlement you justly deserve.

Our experienced bicycle accident lawyer explains what to do after a collision:

  • See a doctor immediately, even if you do not think that you were injured in the collision. Seeing a doctor will not only ensure you get the medical treatment you need, but it will also document your injuries, which will strengthen your claim.
  • Call 911 or the Hillsboro Police Department, preferably while you are still at the scene so they can come to your location and write and file a police report.
  • Take detailed notes about the crash, including a description of the driver who hit you, their vehicle, and the date, place, and time the collision happened.
  • Take photos and video footage of the entire scene of the crash, damage to the vehicles involved, including your bicycle, your injuries, and anything else that is relevant to the crash.
  • Contact a Hillsboro bicycle accident lawyer who can advise you of your legal options for claiming financial compensation.
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