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Personal Injury Results

Attorney Marc A. Johnston of Johnston Law Firm, P.C. has successfully handled hundreds of personal injury cases throughout the years. Here are some of the recent personal injury verdicts and settlements that our firm has been able to recover on behalf of our clients.

$13.9 Million

Family seriously injured by reckless trucking company and property owner.

$10.4 Million

Future professional athlete assaulted outside bar, suffering career damaging injuries.

$3.5 Million

Child severely injured by abuse while in DHS custody.

$3 Million

Student suffered massive brain injury when general contractor and facilities owner negligently selected improper construction equipment, resulting in fall injury and death.

$1.5 Million

Motorcycle crash.

$1.4 Million

Mother hit by distracted driver who ran a stop sign.

$1.3 Million

Pedestrian hit by drunk driver.

$1.3 Million

Negligent motorist illegal left turn in front of bicyclist resulting in multiple permanent orthopedic injuries.

$1.2 Million

Welder who suffered serious burns at an unsafe workplace.

$1 Million

Heart patient died during surgery due to hospital power failure.

7 Figure Confidential Settlement

Failure to diagnose a stroke – emergency room negligence.


Passenger injured in a rollover crash requiring neck surgery.


Pedestrian in crosswalk hit by a distracted driver.


Motorcyclist hit by distracted driver.


Motorist injured by negligent 18-wheel truck driver.


Tenant suffered serious injuries after falling down defective stairs.


Bicyclist hit by box truck.


Patient injured by defective orthopedic medical device.


Nurse injured by driver texting and driving.


Bicyclist hit by city bus, suffering multi-level spinal fractures with surgical repair, and fractured clavicle.


Mother hit by a distracted driver suffering low back injuries.


Motorist hit by negligent driver undergoes back surgery.


Passenger hit and killed when negligent and distracted driver ran a stop sign.


Policy limits settlement against negligent landowner.


Student injured from fall at ropes course.


Motorist rear ended by distracted driver.


Policy limits settlement on behalf of brain injured victim.


Motorist hit by drunk driver who crossed center line.


Mother unloading her rental car at airport struck by negligent driver, who failed to put her car in park, resulting in complex knee injury with surgery.


Bicyclist hit by aggressive driver.


Bicyclist hit by aggressive driver.


Motorist struck by drunk driver.

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