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Alert: Beware of Scam Solicitation from

It has come to our attention that there is a fraudulent scheme underway targeting individuals, seeking to exploit personal information under the guise of legitimate business correspondence. We want to ensure your safety and security by alerting you to this scam and providing necessary guidance to avoid falling victim to it.

The scam involves an email solicitation from the address, purportedly sent by someone claiming to be Marc Johnston from our firm. Please be advised that this email is NOT affiliated with Marc Johnston or our law firm in any capacity. It is a fraudulent attempt to deceive individuals into providing sensitive information, such as resumes, under false pretenses.

We want to stress the importance of vigilance in protecting your personal information online. Under no circumstances should you respond to this email or provide any information to the sender. Additionally, if you receive any text messages soliciting similar information, please disregard them and do not engage with the sender.

To reiterate, is not a legitimate email address associated with our firm. Any communication from this address should be treated with extreme caution and reported as fraudulent activity.

If you have already been in contact with the sender or have inadvertently provided any information, we strongly encourage you to take immediate action to safeguard your identity and finances. This may include contacting your financial institution, credit bureaus, and relevant authorities to report the incident and take necessary precautions.

Please rest assured that we are actively working to address this issue and prevent further dissemination of false information. The security and trust of our community and clients are of the utmost importance to us, and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

At Johnston Law Firm, we are more than just a firm; we are a promise to the people of Oregon and this community we passionately serve. We are a source of strength & comfort to our clients & their family – a line of defense and support as we seek justice for Oregonians injured and killed by negligence, recklessness and corporate wrongdoing. Our path – both professionally and personally – is intertwined with the lives we touch. Each case and client we advocate for fuels our commitment to protect, seek justice and uphold the trust Oregonians place in us.



Like Mama

We treat our clients the way a good mama treats her child. We go above and beyond for our clients at every step of the case. Our competitive advantage is deep care and concern for our clients. We strive relentlessly not just for case results, but for an incredible client experience and for the physical recovery of our clients. What can we do today to make our clients happy and show them we care?


We are driven to achieve the absolute best possible financial results for our clients in the shortest period of time. We celebrate great results! We say no to bad offers, file lawsuits, go to arbitration and go to trial when necessary to ensure the insurance company pays what they owe to our clients. Our drive to win for the client fuels us. Even after achieving great results, we diligently negotiate liens and balances to return maximum financial justice for our clients.


“Collaborative” is the #1 word our team uses to describe itself. This occurred intentionally, with an emphasis on creating a firm where people could both seek help, and were expected to help their co-workers. New ideas from team members are not only appreciated, they are praised and frequently put into action. Firm culture balances hard work with fun and humor, and is always respectful and inclusive. Our workplace is a drama free zone, with a palpable focus on positive thought and action. Happy people who prize a drama free workplace love working here!


The law is many things, but practicing it is an art. Creativity is a major driver of financial justice for our clients, and leads to new approaches, innovation in the legal field and helps us resolve difficult cases and issues. Creative tactical approaches are prized and are seen as the building blocks of legal innovation and future firm success.


Our written and verbal work product, and our reputation with clients and within the legal community, is something we hold dear. It must never be sacrificed. We practice excellence in these areas regardless of whether it matters to the end result. We practice excellence because it matters to our soul. We practice excellence not only for our clients—we practice excellence for ourselves.


This firm’s past and its success is built on learning, becoming better and personal and professional growth. This means a driving force to improve, and the follow through to put in the time and the hard work necessary to become better than you once were. We do not rest on our past accomplishments, our education or our experience. That is merely a jumping off point to a lifetime of learning, discovering better methods and improving our craft. Better than yesterday is our past, and our future. At JLF, we see ourselves as always having more to learn, and not as a finished product.


We are always on the lookout for talented new team members who are passionate, hard working and share our core values.

We provide an upward trajectory and long-term career opportunities in the legal field, including mentorship and encouragement for energetic people wishing to forge a career with us!

We understand the importance of financial health and security, and because of that, we provide competitive compensation and exceptional benefits that reflect our belief that the people make this law firm run. Our comprehensive benefits package includes health, vision, and dental insurance, 401k retirement savings with company matching, paid time off and company holidays, a paid sabbatical with travel stipend after 7 years, paid parking/transit, cell phone and gym stipends, the best coffee bar in Portland, wine club memberships, and much, much more. We strive to deliver opportunities for professional growth and long-term career fulfillment. At the Johnston Law Firm, you can find your purpose and live it every day as a central part of the best law firm in Portland!


Associate Attorney – Portland, Oregon

Associate Attorney

Portland, Oregon

Are you an energetic professional with several years of experience working in the legal field? Do you have 5+ years of experience litigating personal injury cases? Are you excited by the idea of handling your own caseload, trying cases, and collaborating with an incredible legal team? We are looking for an Associate Attorney to join our thriving and growing practice. Quality work and dedication to our clients is what drives us, and we want that from you as well. We are looking for people who are driven by a desire to help, a caring approach and a mind capable of strategic thinking. This is a great job for a motivated litigator looking for a long-term fit where they can grow and will be valued and empowered. Our firm’s personal injury practice focuses on MVA, trucking, pedestrian, and bicycling incidents.

Desired Background

  • 5+ years of litigation experience, specifically plaintiff side representation, personal injury, motor vehicle accident, wrongful death and catastrophic injury litigation
  • 5+ years of trial experience required
  • Previous experience managing a case list
  • Experience handling depositions, arbitration, and trials, as well as discovery
  • Working knowledge of case management software
  • Strong legal research, analytical and problem-solving skills, and ability to handle multiple tasks and work in a deadline-driven, fast-paced environment
  • Optimistic outlook that thrives in a dynamic work setting
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • Licensed and in good standing with the Oregon State Bar
  • Desire and drive to continue to learn, improve, and be an excellent attorney
Paralegal – Portland, Oregon


Portland, Oregon

Are you an energetic professional with experience working in the legal field? Do you have a desire to grow as a paralegal, or into a case manager, and would look forward to training towards that career path? Do you have 5+ years of experience working with injured plaintiffs, medical records and authorizations and/or setting up files? We are looking for a bright and energetic paralegal to join our thriving and growing practice. Quality work and dedication to our clients is what drives us, and we want that from you as well. We are looking for people who are driven by a desire to help, a caring approach and a mind capable of strategic thinking. This is a great job for a motivated professional looking for a long-term fit where they can grow and will be valued and empowered. Our firm’s personal injury practice focuses on MVA, trucking, pedestrian, and bicycling incidents.

Job Description

  • Handle communication with clients, witnesses etc.
  • Administratively support and attend trials
  • Prepare case briefs and summarize depositions, interrogatories, and testimony
  • Prepare demands
  • Track lien information and order medical records
  • Conduct investigations and statistical/documentary research
  • Locate and develop case relevant information
  • Type and file basic legal documents and correspondence
  • Answer and direct phone calls
  • Maintain contact lists
  • Monitor deadlines and juggle calendars


  • Proven working experience as a Paralegal or Legal Assistant
  • 5+ years of personal injury experience
  • Familiarity with law, legal procedures and protocols, and court system
  • Satisfactory knowledge of day-to-day operations of a legal office
  • Computer literacy
  • Proficiency in English (Spanish is a plus)
  • Working knowledge of case management software
  • Excellent secretarial and organizational skills
  • Ability to juggle multiple activities and work under pressure

We Want to Hear From You!


At Johnston Law Firm, the quality of our leadership sets the tone for our collective success. Firm owner and lead trial attorney Marc Johnston personifies the principles that guide us. Under Marc’s direction, we are all champions of innovation, mentors of growth and partners in every success.


“I have always believed that every individual brings a different perspective to the table. If you are hard working and driven by the desire to make a difference in the lives of Oregonians who count on us daily to deliver justice, you are in the right place! Work and life should be a joy – at Johnston Law Firm, we empower our team members to make a major impact, while respecting and embracing their unique skills, talents and ideas.”


"One of my favorite parts of working at JLF is the collaboration among the employees. Everyone is super eager to help and there's a wealth of knowledge around here. It's nice knowing you've got an entire team behind you. I also really love when that collaboration, among staff and attorneys, produces maximum results for the client."
“Working here isn’t just a job, it’s a journey of serving our community, lending a hand during some of the toughest times people go through. We wake up each day with a motto, “better than yesterday, ” and it’s not just a cool phrase; it’s our way of pushing the envelope, making sure we’re a step ahead in all we do. This isn’t a place where you’ll hear “that’s not how we do things” but more of “let’s find a better way to do it. ” This attitude translates into some incredible results for our clients which is the cherry on top.”
"I love working at JLF because we do good work that actually helps people. This is the only company I've ever worked for that actually lives by their core values, and that's something that's really important to me. We also have an amazing team of creative people who consistently go the extra mile for our clients and each other - we truly strive to be better than yesterday (and we've got great snacks, too!)."
"I've been enveloped in a culture of camaraderie and expedited professional growth. Marc’s commitment to professional growth has personally propelled me to new heights in my career. Every day here has been a transformative journey, filled with challenges and unparalleled fulfillment alongside the best team one could assemble. I've found a place where my professional duties align with personal passion, not something that comes along often in the legal industry. "
“JLF is a great place to work. I come in each day and work to get the best result possible for our clients. Having the opportunity to help people who have suffered after an accident is incredibly rewarding. We have a great team of coworkers who make the office a great place to work. We collaborate and help each other with our cases. Plus we always have great snacks and coffee to keep the energy going!”
"One of the things that I love about working for JLF the most is the supportive and collaborative environment among the paralegal team. There is always someone willing to give you a new perspective, shoot ideas around with, ask for guidance or just lend a helping hand on a project. "
“JLF is the dream team! The atmosphere here is all about communication and collaboration, making every day a fresh chance to put our heads together and make a difference. In my role, I get to be part of the rhythm that keeps our firm running smoothly, and it’s incredibly rewarding. The journey from first comforting a worried client to celebrating their victory at the end, it’s a wholesome experience that speaks volumes of what we stand for at JLF. ”
“Being a part of JLF is like joining a big, lively family that’s all about standing up for the little guy. The magic happens when we huddle up, share a laugh, and then tackle the tough stuff together. I love rolling up my sleeves with this team every day, fighting the good fight and making real change happen. This isn’t just a job; it’s where passion meets purpose, with a bunch of good people who care. ”