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Our Cutting Edge Approach

Our Cutting Edge Approach

When you’ve been seriously injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another, you want to hire an attorney who you know will advocate for you. But it’s not just enough to have an advocate on your side; you also want to know that your attorney will be able to handle anything that the other side throws at them, and will be prepared to take your case to court if need be.

At the Johnston Law Firm, we use cutting edge methods including focus groups and mock trials, medical illustrations and visuals, video documentaries, and scene recreation analysis to improve our ability to succeed in the courtroom.

How Our Law Firm Leverages the Best Methods to Improve Case Outcomes

If you’ve been injured, it’s important that you understand what services your lawyer will perform for you and what you should expect from your attorney at each stage in the claims process. If a settlement cannot be reached out of court, how will a lawyer use each of the following cutting edge methods to their advantage in the courtroom, should a client’s case go to trial?

Focus Groups and Mock Trials

The use of focus groups and mock trials can be instrumental in understanding what jurors will think and how they are likely to respond to different types of evidence, clients, and cases, as well as to test a case and identify gaps and holes in arguments. With the use of our focus groups, we set out to learn more about a group of people’s preconceived notions, beliefs, values, and opinions about a case – this helps us to align our case strategy in a way that resonates with people (jurors). During the mock trial phase of our case preparation, we’ll have an in-office trial where we present evidence, test strategies, identify weaknesses and gaps in the case, get feedback on any visual aids and evidence that are used, try out different questions for witnesses, and more. We ask focus groups to pay attention to each of these issues in order for us to prepare a case strategy that’s effective.

Medical Illustrations and Visuals

Medical Visuals
Visual aids are incredibly powerful. Not only can visuals tell a whole story in just a single image or graphic, but visuals are often emotional for people and resonate with them in a way that just raw data does not. We use powerful visuals, medical illustrations, and other graphics to help tell a client’s story. We have the resources to develop visual aids and medical illustrations that work and serve their purpose of clearly telling your story and supporting your case.

Video Documentaries

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While visuals and data are powerful and should certainly be used in a case, there is nothing like hearing directly from a victim of a crash about how the crash has changed their life in order to really help jurors understand how significantly someone’s life has been impacted and why it matters. That’s why at the Johnston Law Firm, we create video documentaries/biographies of our clients’ lives that showcase their family, their work, their home, their hopes and ambitions, and how their injuries have impacted all of these things. This helps jurors and judges connect with our clients and empathize with their stories.

Scene Recreation Analysis

In addition to proving that damages have been suffered and really creating a personal connection between the plaintiff in the case and those damages, it’s also a lawyer’s job to prove that the defendant in the case breached the duty of care owed to the client, and that this breach was the proximate cause of damages. In order to do this, we recreate the scene of an accident using expert opinion and state-of-the-art technology in order to tell the story of what happened from a unique perspective.

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If you’ve been injured in Portland or the surrounding areas, knowing that you have a lawyer who will put their resources, skills, and access to technology to use to improve the chances of your case being successful is a major comfort. At the office of the Johnston Law Firm, our personal injury lawyers care about you and are committed to working hard to get you every cent you deserve. To learn more about how we can help, what your rights are, and what the timeline and trajectory of your case may look like, please call us directly today or send us a message online. We offer free consultations.