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Car accidents can happen at any moment, anywhere, but there are people to help you deal with it. The Johnston Law Firm will help you file your car accident claim and focus on seeking compensation for your losses while you focus on recovering back to full health. Do not hesitate to call us today at 503-546-3167 to get started.

Most Common Car
 in Damascus

Motor vehicle accidents have the potential to be life-threatening not only because of the physical risk of driving but also because of how unpredictable it can be. Accidents happen when we least expect it and even if we are safe and cautious, it may still occur. Car accidents have various causes and results but below are some of the most common types of accidents:

  • Rear-end accidents
  • Side swipes
  • Illegal lane change accidents
  • Speeding and reckless driving tactics
  • Large truck accidents
  • Highway accidents

What Types of Damages 
Are Eligible for Compensation in
Damascus Car Accidents?

There are two types of compensation if you or a loved one are in a motor vehicle accident. Both of which are designed to compensate a victim for their losses. Attorney Marc Johnston and his team will work tirelessly to pursue compensation for you and your family, as well as to ensure your rights are honored.

  • Economic Damages: compensate an injured plaintiff for direct financial losses, such as medication costs, hospitalization stays, surgery bills and lost wages.  Economic damages are defined by Oregon law as “objectively verifiable monetary losses including but not limited to reasonable charges necessarily incurred for medical, hospital, nursing and rehabilitative services and other health care services, burial and memorial expenses, loss of income and past and future impairment of earning capacity.”  Economic damages include future lost wages due to inability to work, prosthetic devices when limbs are lost, and all future medical care and equipment necessary to ensure the seriously injured person can live with dignity.
  • Noneconomic Damages: compensate an injured plaintiff for non-monetary losses such as pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, emotional trauma and distress.  This is the category of loss that makes life valuable and worth living, including freedom from pain, love and affection and the pursuit of happiness.  Oregon law defines non-economic damages e as “subjective, non-monetary losses, including but not limited to pain, mental suffering, emotional distress, humiliation”. These damages are more difficult to quantify, as emotional pain can be traumatic and long-lasting, as well as difficult to recover from.

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Get the legal counsel you need to guide you through the process of filing an injury claim.

Filing Your Auto

If you or a loved one have been injured or have passed away due to those injuries in a car accident in Damascus, then you need to file a claim for compensation. First, you should notify your insurance company and report the accident, as well as fill out a formal DMV accident report. This should be done within 72 hours of the accident. Once you have completed these, you should call an experience car accident lawyer who can offer helpful advice and possibly counsel to pursue compensation. 

If you call the Johnston Law Firm, they will conduct a quick case review over the phone and offer you honest and straightforward advice on your next step, whether it be to set up an in-person consultation with Attorney Marc Johnston, or to refer you to an attorney who is better suited to handle your case. 

Once you find your attorney, they will represent you in bringing a case forward. There is one very important deadline to file your case though, and it is two years from the date of the accident (also the same date as the accident). Even though two years might seem like a long time, it is smart to contact your car accident attorney as soon as possible so they can get started on building your case.

Statute of Limitations
for Car Accidents in Oregon

In the state of Oregon, car accident cases do have a lifetime, and it is two years. From the date of the accident and injuries (same day), you have two years to file your claim. Two years may seem like a substantial amount of time, but the sooner you call the Johnston Law Firm, the sooner we can begin investigating your case and begin fighting for you. If you fail to bring your case within this timeframe, the state will not recognize your claim and deem it, “time-barred”. This will result in you losing your rights for compensation. Call us as soon as possible after your accident at 503-546-3167.

Frequently Asked

When people get in a car accident, the insurance companies involved automatically have an upper hand in how the rest of the process goes. They care about one thing and one thing only, paying as little as possible as quickly as they can. They hope you do not call us or hire us. Hiring an experienced Damascus car accident attorney will level the playing field. Those insurance companies will not push attorney Marc Johnston and his team around, and therefore you will be protected. We will be on your side and we will fight to ensure you receive all the benefits, coverages, loss of wages that you are entitled to.

You will start by calling and officially reporting your accident to the DMV and your insurance company. Then give us a call and we will listen to what happened, assess your next step and from there, it will be clear what you need to do. That next step could be to come in and meet with attorney Marc Johnston and his team to discuss your case further, or it may be to contact another attorney we refer you to that will better be suited for you. If we decide we are your best bet for representation, we will discuss those terms with you and will only move forward with your official authorization.

This means that any repairs needed for your vehicle exceeds the current value of your vehicle. The insurance company will come assess your vehicle and decide this. They will offer you an amount for your vehicle. We recommend you take your vehicle to a neutral auto body shop, not one recommended by either insurance company. That way, you get a fair price for your vehicle.

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