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Four Dangerous Driving Behaviors that Increase Car Accident Risks During Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic continues to keep schools and businesses throughout Portland on lockdown. While closures have impacted non-essential services, grocery stores are still open to allow people to stock up on supplies while local parks and trails provide recreational opportunities. When you do go out, Portland officials are urging residents to use caution. Reckless driving increases your risk of car accidents resulting in serious potentially life-threatening injuries. The following details four common and dangerous driving behaviors you need to avoid. 

Preventing Car Accidents A Priority In Portland

The City of Portland is making every effort to ensure residents continue to have access to supplies and recreational opportunities during the coronavirus pandemic. During this time, motorists are urged to use extreme caution during their travels. Car accidents add increased stress on already overwhelmed emergency workers and health care providers. Getting care in the aftermath also increases your odds of contracting the coronavirus. Avoiding the following reckless and dangerous driving behaviors can decrease your car accident risks:

1. Speeding

Speeding and driving too fast for conditions is particularly dangerous during the pandemic. Many roads and highways are littered with debris due to halted construction projects while public safety workers are experiencing delays in responding to emergency situations, such as the recent landslide on West Burnside Street in Portland. Reducing your speed gives you greater time to respond to unexpected road conditions. 

2. Disregarding Traffic Signs Or Signals

Even when roads appear deserted, adhere to all traffic signs and signals. Running red lights or not stopping at stop signs can result in crashes involving other motorists or emergency personnel. Portland residents also need to be alert for barricades and special instructions in grocery store parking lots and when visiting public parks. According to an April 10, 2020 KGW 8 News report, police are having major problems with people ignoring road closure signs at state parks and beach access points. 

3. Aggressive Driving

Many Portland residents are feeling stressed and frustrated due to coronavirus closures and shortages of services or supplies. As a result, they are more likely to engage in aggressive driving behaviors. This is particularly common on busy roads near grocery stores or medical facilities and in parking lots. Improper passing, tailgating, and failure to yield all increase your car accident risks.

4. Distracted Driving

Concern over the pandemic, the health and safety of loved ones, and financial insecurity due to closures weigh heavily on everyone’s minds. As a result, drivers are more likely to be distracted. Making calls while driving, texting, or engaging in any other activity that causes you to take your eyes off the road and your hands off the wheel only adds to the danger. 

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