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Highways Dangerous Places For Pedestrian Accidents In Portland

Pedestrian accidents in Portland and throughout Oregon happen on an unfortunately frequent basis. Unfortunately, these often result in severe, potentially life-threatening injuries. One of the most likely places for them to happen is on major roads and highways. Our Oregon personal injury attorneys explain more about the risks and ways to protect yourself.     

Portland Man Killed In Pedestrian Accident On Highway 99E

A 48-year-old man was recently killed in a pedestrian accident on Highway 99E near Canby, which is located south of the city in Clackamas County. According to an August 25, 2022, KATU 2 News report, it happened at roughly 4:30 a.m. on a Thursday morning, near milepost 22 at the Molalla River. 

Police reports claim that the man was walking in the northbound lanes when he was struck by a motorist in a Toyota Camry. Sadly, he was airlifted to a local hospital but later died from his injuries. The highway remained closed for several hours afterward, while law enforcement investigated. No charges have been announced as of yet in the case. 

Pedestrian accidents in Portland and throughout Oregon are common. According to the state Department of Transportation, they claim the lives of roughly 60 people per year while leaving hundreds of other victims suffering serious personal injuries. Highways are among the most dangerous areas to walk and one of the places pedestrian accidents are most likely to occur. 

Reducing The Risks of Pedestrian Accident In Oregon

Highways, interstates, or other major roads running throughout the state pose serious risks to pedestrians. A lack of sidewalks, crosswalks, street lights, and stop signs, along with the high rates of speed most drivers are traveling, make these areas particularly hazardous. 

While it is best to avoid busy, multi-lane roads whenever possible, there are some situations in which you may not be able to avoid them. It may seem like a good idea if you have had too much to drink, are backpacking through the region, or if a highway intersects your neighborhood. It may also appear to be the only option if you are stranded due to a vehicle breakdown. However, the National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) advises carefully weighing the risks. If walking in these areas cannot be avoided, follow these safety tips: 

  • Walk as far to the side of the road as possible, facing traffic;
  • Wear bright, light colors, to increase visibility;
  • Avoid walking after dark, opting for buses or ridesharing instead;
  • Never walk if you are under the influence, no matter the road or how far you have to go; 
  • Do not underestimate how fast drivers are traveling;
  • Avoid crossing multi-lane roads completely in areas without traffic signs or signals. 

Our Portland Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Help You Get Compensation

At the Johnston Law Firm P.C., we protect the rights of pedestrian accident victims and their families. For the professional help you need to get compensation in a claim, give us a call at (503) 546-3167 or contact our Portland pedestrian accident attorneys online today.


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