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How To Play It Safe — But Still Have Fun — When Attending Bridge To Brews and Other Beer-Centric Events

Portland is a beer lover’s paradise. Breweries host events year round, but the action really picks up in the spring. From St. Patrick’s Day through the summer months and into fall, activities are held throughout the city. This year the iconic Bridge to Brews race returns and is expected to bring out large numbers of local residents and visitors to the area. Our Portland personal injury attorneys offer some tips on how to play it safe but still have fun when attending this or other beer-centric events.  

When Attending Tastings and Other Events, Be Aware Of The Risks

Home to more than 70 breweries, Portland is the craft beer capital of the world and hosts tastings, tours, and other activities throughout the year. While the pandemic put a damper on many, a local favorite is scheduled to return this April. 

Bridge To Brews is back to Waterfront Park April 10, 2022. It features 8k and 10k walks/runs with amazing views from four different Portland bridges. The race culminates with live music, food and retail vendors, and-as the name implies-beer and cider tastings. 

When attending this or other beer-centric events in the area, make safety a top priority. You can have fun while also being aware of the potential risks. These include: 

  • Car accidents: Driving with any amount of alcohol in your system impacts your reflexes, coordination, and response times, making car accidents more likely to happen. 
  • Pedestrian accidents: Whether crossing busy streets to get to vendors or heading home after the race, be aware of how alcohol impacts your judgment and vision as a pedestrian. 
  • Bicycle accidents: Drinking even minor amounts of alcohol can increase your risk of being involved in a bicycle accident, resulting in serious, potentially life-threatening personal injuries.  

Slips and falls: Being under the influence makes you more susceptible to slips, falls, and other types of mishaps.

Protect Yourself Against Alcohol-Related Accidents (And Still Have Fun)

Alcohol use is one of most common causes of motor vehicle accidents. According to the Portland Bureau of Transportation, it is responsible for nearly half of all traffic-related deaths and leaves hundreds of other victims suffering serious personal injuries each year. 

When visiting breweries and attending beer-centric local events, it is possible to reduce your risks while still having fun. Tips to protect yourself and others include: 

  • If you intend on drinking any amount of alcohol, make arrangements to get home. 
  • When attending events in the city, consider staying at nearby hotels. 
  • Pace yourself and be sure to eat and drink plenty of water. 
  • Look out for friends who may have had too much and do not let them drive or wander off alone. 

When Accidents Happen, Contact Our Portland Personal Injury Attorneys

Despite your precautions, accidents can still happen. When others are at fault, our Portland personal injury attorneys help you hold them accountable. Call (503) 546-3167 or contact our office online and request a consultation at the Johnston Law Firm P.C. today.


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