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Multiple Vehicles Often Involved In Portland Truck Accidents

While any type of vehicle accident puts you at risk for serious personal injuries, those that result from semi-truck and 18 wheeler accidents tend to be among the most severe. The large size and weight of these massive machines means that there are more significant impacts on the road and to surrounding traffic, increasing the likelihood that there will be multiple vehicles involved.  Unfortunately, these types of crashes are also more likely to result in potentially fatal injuries.

Multi-Vehicle Truck Accident Claims Life of Portland Woman

A recent multi-vehicle truck accident in Portland is just one example of how dangerous these types of crashes can be, particularly to motorists. A Fox 12 Oregon news report in late August 2018 detailed the collision, which involved a semi-truck and two other vehicles. The accident occurred at the intersection of Northeast Marine Drive and Northeast 122nd Avenue when a semi-truck headed east collided with a GMC van, which was attempting to make a turn.

As a result of the impact, the van spun out of control and eventually crashed into a Honda Passport, which was stopped in the turning lane. The driver of the Honda, a Portland woman unidentified by the police in the report, was killed at the scene. The Portland Police Bureau Forensic Evidence Division is investigating the case.

Fatal Injuries More Likely in Multi-Vehicle Truck Accidents in Portland

Unfortunately, the above accident was not an isolated case, According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), more than 50 fatal truck accidents occur each year in our state. In the majority of cases, there are multiple vehicles involved.

Commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Combined with their large height and length, they have significant impacts on the road and on surrounding traffic conditions. When one overturns, swerves out of control, or fails to make a needed stop, the chances that it will impact surrounding motorists are significant. In these cases, the truck itself can help to shield the driver from serious harm. It is often other motorists involved who suffer the most severe injuries.

In these types of cases, the truck driver, the trucking company, and any other motorists involved may all be held liable for the damages suffered by both victims and their family members. Under Oregon’s Comparative Negligence Statutes, the amount of liability each driver faces depends on their involvement in the collision. For example, in the above case, evidence presented in a lawsuit may show that both the truck and the van driver share responsibility for the Honda driver’s death. In this scenario, they would both be required to pay compensation to the victim’s family based on their portion of the blame.  

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