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Portland Police Focus on Catching Drunk Drivers, Preventing Fatal Accidents

The recent end of summer holiday saw Portland area police taking to the roads in large numbers with the goal of apprehending drunk drivers. Unfortunately, car accidents involving drunk drivers have steadily increased throughout the state over the past few years. By increasing law enforcement efforts, the hope is to prevent the serious and potentially life-threatening injuries that often occur as a result of drunk driving crashes. 

Oregon Sees Increase In Fatal Drunk Driving Accidents

According to a late August 2019 report by KXL Fox News, a new survey sheds alarming light on the frequency of drunk driving accidents and injuries in Portland and throughout Oregon. The survey is based on data from nationwide Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over programs. It shows that in general, increased law enforcement efforts and public awareness campaigns have been successful in reducing the number of drunk drivers on the road and the potential for fatal drunk driving accidents. 

Unfortunately, the state of Oregon is one of six states that defy these general statistics. In Portland and surrounding areas, drunk driving accidents have continued to increase over the years, as do the number of people who suffer life-threatening injuries as a result. 

Using alcohol in any amount increases your risks of being involved in a crash. Even one or two drinks is likely to cause the following impairments, making fatal accidents more likely to occur: 

  • Vision disturbances, making it hard to see lanes, other vehicles, and traffic signs or signals;
  • Lack of coordination, making it harder to steer and navigate the vehicle properly;
  • Poor judgment, which makes you more likely to engage in other dangerous driving behaviors such as speeding or running stop signs;
  • Diminished reflexes, which make you less likely to be able to respond to sudden changes in traffic or other unexpected situations.  

Fatal Drunk Driving Accidents In Portland

For Portland area police, the survey statistics likely come as no surprise. As first responders, they see the devastating impacts of drunk driving on a regular basis and the tragic loss of life these crashes often result in. A recent Oregon Live news report quotes statistics that show drunk driving to be a factor in roughly a third of all fatal crashes that occur each year. In Multnomah County, this number increases to roughly half. 

A mid-August 2019 fatal DUI related car accident in Portland is one of the latest incidents and provides insight into how and why these crashes occur. The driver responsible for the crash had two prior DUI offenses, an unfortunately common scenario. Victim advocates claim that more aggressive law enforcement efforts on the road and more rigorous prosecution of offenders is needed to keep motorists safe. 

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