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Three Killed in Horrible Vancouver, WA Car Accident

On May 11th, 2018, KGW 8 News reported that a devastating car accident took the lives of three people in Vancouver, Washington. According to the reporting, the tragic wreck occurred in the late evening hours, near the intersection of East Evergreen Boulevard and Grove Street.

While the crash is still under investigation, law enforcement officers from the Vancouver Police Department informed reporters that speeding was likely a factor in the accident. Sadly, our Vancouver personal injury lawyers have seen far too many people in our region victimized by the terrible effects of highway speeding accidents.

Speed is a Factor in Many Vancouver Accidents

All Washington drivers have a legal responsibility to comply with the posted speed limit. Speed limits are put in place for good reason. In addition, if the road conditions are less than ideal, either due to poor weather or poor visibility, drivers may need to slow down significantly below the posted speed limit. The limit is merely the maximum allowable speed, but certainly not always the ideal speed.

Speeding is a factor in a huge percentage of serious car accidents in southern Washington and throughout the United States. According to a recent report from the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), excessive speed was the primary factor in more than 10,000 car accident deaths in 2016. To put that number into perspective, speeding caused approximately one in four deadly car accidents that year.  

The Dangers of Speeding

It is no secret that many drivers in our region have driven too fast at one time or another. Many people wrongly feel that going 10 or 15 miles per hour faster than the speed limit makes little to no difference. This is extremely misguided. All Vancouver, WA drivers should have a clear understanding of the impact that speeding can have on stopping distance and reaction time.

As an example, imagine that you are traveling down a Vancouver area road with a speed limit of 40 MPH. If you have to slam on the brakes, it will take about 125 feet from when you touch your pedal to when your car actually stops. If you are going just 15 over the limit, at 55 MPH, it will take more than 225 feet to stop the car. That is an extra 100 feet for something to go wrong. In many cases, that distance, more than the length of a basketball court, is the difference between driving home safely after a brief scare and a trip to the emergency room.

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