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When Unexpected Mishaps Occur When Driving, Be Mindful of Pedestrian Accident Risks

Pedestrian accidents can happen while taking a stroll through your neighborhood, walking through shopping plazas and parking lots, or while running to catch the bus or train. They can also happen due to unexpected mishaps that happen while behind the wheel. Car accidents and vehicle breakdowns leave you vulnerable to pedestrian accident injuries. Find out how you can reduce your risks. 

Woman Suffers Critical Injuries In Pedestrian Accident 

A local woman suffered serious injuries in a recent pedestrian accident in Portland. According to a November 26, 2021 KPTV News report, the woman was driving west on Northeast 122nd Avenue when another vehicle struck her from behind. She immediately pulled over and got out of her car to inspect the damage and exchange information with the other driver involved when she was struck twice by two passing cars. She was taken to the hospital with potentially life-threatening injuries and police say she is listed in critical condition. 

This type of pedestrian accident is unfortunately common and happens frequently on busy roads and highways. The risks increase at night when it is harder for other motorists to see a pedestrian on the road. To protect yourself in this situation, follow these tips: 

  • When any type of car accident happens, notify police immediately;
  • Pull your car over as far off the road as possible;
  • If you are stuck in the middle of a lane, put your flashers on and remain in your vehicle;
  • If you are able to get to the side of the road, exit your vehicle carefully. 
  • Be mindful of other motorists, who may be distracted by your accidents. 
  • Instead of standing on the road, stand on the side either on the curb or the gravel shoulder;
  • Wait to check damage or exchange information until the police arrive and you can do so safely. 

Use Caution During Vehicle Breakdowns

Vehicle breakdowns are another common scenario in which a motorist can fall victim to a pedestrian accident. To reduce the risks, make sure to take your vehicle in for regular maintenance and make all suggested repairs as soon as possible. If your car does break down on the road while you are driving, Allstate recommends the following steps to protect yourself against pedestrian accident injuries: 

  • Turn on your hazard lights the second you suspect something is wrong. 
  • Slow down and pull over at the first safe location. 
  • Remain in your vehicle if stuck in traffic. 
  • If you are able to pull over on the right side of the road, use the passenger door to exit. 
  • Call a tow company or mechanic, rather than attempting to diagnose or fix the problem yourself. 

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