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Each year, hundreds of people are hurt in Wilsonville and surrounding areas in accidents. These are unintentional events, but the effects are just the same: serious, sometimes disabling, injuries to innocent people. If you’ve been injured in an accident, we want to talk to you. Oregon law allows victims to seek compensation following a car wreck or other accident. However, you will benefit from the help of a seasoned Wilsonville personal injury lawyer at Johnston Law Firm.

Types of Personal
 Cases We Handle

Accidents are typically caused by a person failing to use necessary care. We call this negligence under Oregon law. When someone does not use the care we expect reasonable people to use in a similar situation, then they are liable and can be sued.

At Johnston Law Firm, our team has helped people injured in all sorts of accidents, such as:

  • Motor vehicle collisions where a driver fails to operate the vehicle carefully due to distraction, fatigue, drugs, or carelessness;
  • Premises liability accidents when visitors are hurt by defects on the property;
  • Slip and falls caused by some hazard underfoot, like snow, ice, trash, loose tiles, or uneven floorboards;
  • Defective products which explode or fail to work properly, injuring consumers in the process;
  • Medical malpractice cases, where a medical professional does not use sufficient skill and injures someone by error;
  • Wrongful death, when a loved one dies in an accident.

Don’t miss out on these common personal injury mistakes.

Get the legal counsel you need to guide you through the process of filing an injury claim.

Overview of the
Personal Injury Process

Negligence is difficult to prove. We rely on all sorts of evidence to establish that the person who hurt you did not act with sufficient care. Under Oregon law, you can also be accused of negligence. If so, you might receive less in compensation—or be prohibited from suing altogether.

A personal injury claim has many elements, and Johnston Law Firm is familiar with all of them:

  • Damages. These are financial and non-financial losses caused by an accident, such as medical bills, lost income, property damage, pain, suffering, emotional distress, and others.
  • Complaint. You file a lawsuit in court requesting compensation. The defendant has a chance to respond.
  • Mediation. Many cases are settled without the need for trial. Mediation is a process involving a neutral third person who helps two sides listen to each other and find common ground.
  • Settlement. You can agree to a certain amount of money in a settlement. You also waive the ability to sue the defendant again for this same accident.
  • Discovery. This is the investigation phase in litigation. You can request documents or testimony for use in trial.
  • Judgment. If your case goes to trial, a judge will hand down a judgment in your favor or the defendant’s.

Your Voice in the
Insurance Claims Process

Insurance companies have grown over the decades by employing questionable tactics over the decades to bolster their bottom line. Accident victims might struggle to get their complaints taken seriously. Some insurers will only offer a tiny amount of compensation for what are serious, painful injuries.

Trying to negotiate your own settlement might sound like a good idea in theory, but it rarely is. Many insurers outright reject claims or make low offers. You might have no idea what steps to take next following a denial.

At Johnston Law Firm, we have the necessary experience to fight back. Often, we can present a claim in such a way that there is no room for the insurer to deny it or minimize your suffering. Consequently, we can obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

Wilsonville Personal Injury 
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

The days after an accident are confusing for many people. Many people call our office with questions like the ones reproduced below.

We look at all evidence. For example, if you slipped in a store on some spilled liquid, we can find surveillance video that shows when the spill happened. Other pieces of evidence include witness testimony or physical evidence.
Ultimately, whether negligence occurred is a legal judgment. We generally understand how a reasonably careful person would have acted in the circumstances. If the defendants’ conduct didn’t meet this level, they are liable.

Yes. The length of time depends on the type of case you are bringing. You can find the deadline in the Oregon statute of limitation:
Personal injury: two years from the day of the accident.
Wrongful death: three years from the date of the accident which led to the death
Medical malpractice: two years from the date of the medical error or the date you could reasonably discover the error.
There are some exceptions to these deadlines, but it is never a good idea to expect an extension of the deadline. Instead, reach out to a Wilsonville personal injury lawyer right away. We might need to quickly file a lawsuit to avoid going over the deadline.

This answer requires knowing certain facts about your case. It makes little sense to talk about an average settlement. However, based on your facts, you could receive as little as a few thousand dollars or more $1 million.
Certain losses are easy to calculate, such as medical bills and lost income. But the value of pain and suffering, disability, or mental anguish is subjective. Someone with permanent injuries like an amputation or brain injury could receive much more than someone whose strain or sprain heals in a month or two.
Other factors impact a settlement. The defendant might have no money and no insurance. In that case, your odds of receiving a meaningful settlement are much lower, and you might have uncompensated losses.

Yes. Johnston Law Firm doesn’t charge upfront legal fees. You will have no out-of-pocket expenses unless we win your case, in which case we will take a percentage of the settlement. You keep the rest.

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