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Involving Amputations in Portland and Throughout Oregon

Few things can be as horrible as losing an arm, a leg, or another part of your body. Even the loss of a toe can be a traumatic experience and make it difficult to walk. Amputation injuries are not just physical, either. Many amputees struggle with depression, anxiety, and have self-esteem issues related to the way they look. Even people who become well-adjusted to life as an amputee have had their lives irreversibly changed by their accident.

No one deserves to have their life impacted by the negligence of another, and Oregon law recognizes this fact. Individuals who have been hurt in accidents caused by negligence are often entitled to financial compensation for both their economic and non-economic losses. For this reason, anyone who has lost part of their body in or due to an accident should speak to an experienced lawyer immediately.


What Accidents
Can Result in Amputation?

Accidents that cause amputation tend to be serious and traumatic. Some of the more common accident in which people lose extremities, digits, or limbs include the following:

·         Car accidents
·         Truck accidents
·         Motorcycle accidents
·         ATV accidents
·         Firearm accidents
·         Consumer product accidents
·         Bicycle accidents
·         Pedestrian accidents
·         Dog bites
·         Farm accidents

Importantly, a person does not have to lose a body party in an accident in order for an accident to cause the loss of a body part. For example, if a person’s arm is horribly mangled in a car accident and is beyond repair, doctors will likely amputate part of the arm. Similarly, minor accidents that result in infection could result in a surgical amputation if the infection does not respond to treatment with drugs. Fortunately, under the law, these types of amputations would likely be treated as a direct result of the accident, allowing victims to recover compensation.

Need an Amputation Attorney
to Recover Compensation in OR?

There is no law or rule that requires amputees to retain legal counsel. In fact, in many cases, the insurance company liable for the accident is all too happy to deal with victim directly, as most accident victims do not know their rights or what their case is worth.

As a person who has lost a part of your body in an accident, it is important to understand that the losses you have suffered go far beyond any medical expenses, lost income, or other financial loss. The loss of part of your body is something no one should ever have to deal with, especially when it is caused by the carelessness of another person.

Your body is yours and should be inviolable, and an accidental amputation or a surgical amputation that was the result of a preventable accident is perhaps the worst physical insult that could occur.

As a result, personal injury cases are often very high value and involve settlements and awards well into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Consequently, insurance companies are highly incentivized to fight these cases with tooth and nail and will take a case to trial just on the off-chance that they may be able to avoid liability. In order to protect your rights as an amputee, you need to retain an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney who understands how to negotiate with insurance companies and who is not afraid to take your case to court if justice demands it.

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Losing part of your body may be the most traumatic experience you will go through in your life. If your accident occurred due to someone else’s negligence, it is only right that you recover compensation for your losses. At the Johnston Law Firm, we are committed to representing the legal rights of amputees and understand how to use the legal system to hold careless people and businesses responsible. To schedule a free consultation with attorney Marc Johnston, call our office today at (503) 546-3167.

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If you are considering retaining an attorney, you may be worried about the costs. At the Johnston Law Firm, we take all of our cases on a contingent fee basis, which means that you will not pay any legal fees unless we successfully recover on your behalf.


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