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Amidst Truck Accident Increases, Increased Number on the Road May Be To Blame

Truck accidents in Portland have become an unfortunately common occurrence. Due to the massive size and bulk of most big rigs, these crashes can end up causing serious and potentially life-threatening injuries for other drivers on the road. In the aftermath of a report that indicates these collisions are at an all-time high, we urge you to be aware of the risks and to take some simple steps to keep yourself and your passengers safe.  

Truck Accidents Reach Record Numbers In Oregon

In a recent meeting involving Oregon lawmakers and representatives from the trucking industry, it was revealed that the numbers of truck accidents occurring in the state have reached record highs. According to an April 2019 report by KATU 2 News, 2018 was a strong year for trucking companies, which are busy feeding the demand for products and materials throughout the Portland area. However, the statistics also show a corresponding increase in crashes and collisions involving trucks, with numbers that are greater than they have been in over a decade. While there are numerous issues that factor into these accidents, the sheer increase of trucks on the road is a contributing cause.

Portland residents can expect to see even more trucks on the road over the course of the next few years as Daimler Trucks North America begins converting its existing Portland factory to make electric trucks. Oregon Live reports that local production will not begin until 2021. However, the company already has 50 of the trucks on the road and the factory will likely be busy as semi-trucks and 18 wheelers begin hauling in new supplies and parts.

Sharing the Road with Truck Drivers

With the increased number of trucks in our area, motor vehicle drivers need to be aware of the increased risk for truck accidents and the actions they can take to protect themselves. Truck drivers do have an obligation to engage in safe driving practices and to avoid behaviors that could put others at risk. Esurance advises motorists that they still need to be aware of the limitations truck drivers face, such as requiring more space when navigating curves in the road or making turns and taking additional time to apply the brakes in high traffic conditions. Simple precautions you can take to reduce your truck accident risks include the following:

  • Use caution when passing a truck and only do so if there is plenty of room;
  • Avoid sudden movements, such as pulling out in front of them or suddenly braking;
  • Avoid no zones, which are areas around the truck where motorists disappear from view;
  • Give truck drivers time to navigate turns, rather than attempting to drive alongside them or rushing to pass them before they make their move

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