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Best Car Wash for the Money in Portland, OR

Everybody loves a shiny, clean car, and automatic car washes are a great way to extend the life of your car’s exterior. As you well know, mud traps moisture and can lead to corrosion. Dirt, paint and friction spell disaster for your car’s shiny finish. And, washing your car at home can leave dirt, mud and grime in your driveway. So why bother? Try going to one of these discount car washes in Portland. It might not be as expensive as you think.

1st Place: Wash Man USA

The Deal
We did the homework of finding, what we think, is the best value car wash in PDX and Wash Man USA comes out on top as having the best car wash rates in the area thanks to its monthly subscription for unlimited washes for $25 a month. Even without free vacuums, this is a hard one to beat. They also offer a full year of car washes for $250, which is the price of 10 months, rather than 12. Not a bad deal if you are a sucker for cleanliness. Wash Man USA has multiple locations, including a Eastern Portland location.

  • Environmentally-friendly soaps are used, tire shine, double liquid foam polish & clearshield, and touchless air dryers. If you are not satisfied they will rewash your car for free.

2rd Place: Kaady Car Washes

The Deal
Kaady Car Washes offers discount cards (Buy 3 – 4th is Free) but the best discount is with their bulk packaging. Buying 100 washes brings prices down to  $5.75 for Advanced, and $7.50 for Premium.

  • $8 Advanced Wash: special shampoos, soft-cloth cleaning, touch-free drying, and free vacuums at the end of each wash.
  • $10 Premium Was: Advanced Wash + Paint Guard with Carnauba Wax, Wheel Guard, Liquid Polish, underbody rinse, and free vacuums at the end of each wash.

3rd Place: Eco Car Wash

The Deal
Eco Car Wash offers discount cards (Buy 3 – 4th is Free) for any of the following washes:

  • $8 Eco Wash: special shampoos, soft-cloth cleanings, advanced wheel cleaning, touch free drying and free vacuum & dash wipe.
  • $10 Polish Plus Wash: Eco Wash + double foam polish, underbody rinse, paint guard with Carnauba Wax, wheel guard, and free vacuum & dash wipe.
  • $12 Gold Plus Wash: Eco Wash + Polish Plus Wash + Gold Shield with UV total surface polymer protection, and free vacuum & dash wipe.

Only biodegradable, acid free shampoos and polishes used. Their eco clean technology protects your car from acid rain, sun exposure, and road salts and grime overtime.


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