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Bicycle Deliveries Thrive During Pandemic But Drivers Need to Take Precautions

Bicycle delivery drivers have long been a part of the landscape in Portland. As a result of stay home orders during the coronavirus pandemic, their services are increasingly in demand. The current situation makes bicycling more of an advantage for delivery drivers but it is important to be aware of the risks. In the rush to keep up with the demands of the business, taking a few extra precautions can help to prevent serious and potentially life-threatening bicycle accidents and injuries. 

During Pandemic, Bicycle Delivery Drivers in Demand

To comply with social distancing guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic, restaurants and stores throughout Portland are currently providing only limited services to customers. As a result, many employees of these businesses find themselves out of work. While customers are unable to visit stores in person or dine in at their favorite eateries, delivery options are still available. 

Bicycle delivery drivers have long been a staple in Portland, working for local businesses as well as national companies, such as DoorDash and UberEats. The need to have items delivered during the coronavirus has resulted in an increased demand for delivery drivers. This provides an opportunity for people who are otherwise unemployed during the shut down, regardless of whether or not they own a car. Considering current conditions in Portland, using a bike for deliveries makes even more sense. 

Portland recently announced plans to close more than 100 miles of streets within the city to through traffic. According to an April 28, 2020 report by KGW 8 News, the controversial move is designed to aid in social distancing efforts. By not allowing cars on certain streets or throughways, it allows for greater recreational opportunities for pedestrians and bicyclists. For delivery drivers who rely on a car, this could result in time-consuming delays. For bicycle delivery drivers, it gives them a distinct advantage.   

Safety Precautions for Delivery Drivers to Prevent Bicycle Accidents

While the coronavirus pandemic means increased opportunities for bicycle delivery drivers, it is important to be aware of safety precautions. Riding a bike through city streets can be challenging enough. It is even more difficult when having to balance food or other packages on your bike at the same time. Installing a suitable basket or other container to secure and carry objects is important. Uber recommends these additional safety tips: 

  • Make sure your bike is well-maintained. Check tire pressure, brakes, and lubricate chains before each trip. 
  • Wear the appropriate safety gear. This includes closed toe shoes, long pants, and an approved safety helmet. 
  • Pick a safe route. Use bike lanes and avoid driving near shopping centers, hospitals, or other high traffic areas. 
  • Stay focused. Avoid distractions such as ear buds or talking on cell phones.  

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