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Can I Afford a Personal Injury Attorney?

If you are involved in an accident or suffer a personal injury, it is important to realize you have only one opportunity to get the compensation you need to recover. Whether through an insurance settlement or as the result of a personal injury lawsuit, any amounts you receive should cover your current expenses, as well as any future costs you are likely to incur. With so much on the line and with the way attorney’s fees are typically structured, getting the legal representation you need to ensure your rights are protected is something you can hardly afford not to do.

The High Costs Of Personal Injuries

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that median injury costs related to accidents and personal injuries can range from as much as $15,000 to up to one million dollars or more. Why are these costs so high? Typically, personal injuries involve multiple factors:

  • Medical expenses: These include hospital or doctor costs, diagnostic testing, surgical or outpatient treatments, and the cost of medications.
  • Potential future medical costs: Personal injuries, such as damage to soft tissues or to the head, neck, or back, often require ongoing medical care for years afterwards, which incur additional costs.
  • Lost wages: Along with any days off you may have taken in the immediate aftermath of your injury, you will need to consider how any long-term impacts you suffer could affect your ability to work in the future or to remain productive in your field.

An experienced attorney can assist you in discovering and documenting the total amount of these types of costs, which are typically overlooked or undervalued by insurance companies when settling claims.

How Do Personal Injury Attorneys Get Paid?

In personal injury cases, attorneys often work under a contingency fee, which means they are not paid unless they are successful in getting compensation for you. This benefits the client, who typically pays no upfront costs, and ensures the attorney is motivated in pursuing your case. It also eliminates the potential for any false hopes or promises. As the attorney’s fees hinge on being successful in your case, they are not likely to accept clients who do not have valid claims.

In personal injury cases, there are two ways to obtain compensation:

  • Through an insurance claim: By having an experienced personal injury attorney investigate your case and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, any settlement amounts you receive are likely to be far greater than anything you could obtain on your own.
  • Through a personal injury lawsuit: If your claim is denied or a settlement cannot be reached, you may be entitled to compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Under Section 20.075 of the Oregon Revised Statutes, attorneys fees may be included in your lawsuit, in addition to any other types of compensation you may be entitled to.

To discuss your situation and whether our Portland personal injury attorney can assist you in getting the total amount of compensation you to recover from your injuries, call or contact the Johnston Law Firm online and request a free consultation today.


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