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Car Accident Fatalities Up 85 Percent In Portland

By Marc A. Johnston, posted in Car Accidents, Personal Injury on May 4, 2021

Fatal car accidents in Portland leave surviving friends and family members devastated. Unfortunately, they happen frequently in our area and current year figures are rising at an alarming rate. Find out more about what causes fatal crashes and what family members can do to get justice for loved ones involved.

Fatal Car Accidents In Portland: Common Causes

According to a May 2, 2021 report by KGW 8 News, a local woman was tragically killed in a fatal car crash near the Portland airport. Sadly, her death represents the 24th traffic-related fatality this year. Police investigators say that she was a passenger in a convertible Mustang that was traveling at a high rate of speed when it crashed into the side of a tractor-trailer as it was pulling out of a driveway. She was killed instantly while the driver of the vehicle was taken to a local hospital with serious personal injuries.

Fatal car accidents in Portland during 2021 have increased by more than 85 percent over prior year figures. Speeding and going too fast for conditions are among the most common causes. Other contributing factors in these crashes include:

  • Aggressive driving, such as tailgating, failure to yield, and improper passing;
  • Driving distracted, such as using cell phones, texting, or engaging in any activity that causes you to take your eyes off the road and your hands off the wheel;
  • Driving under the influence, which can include alcohol, illegal drugs, or medications;
  • Drowsy driving, which is common at night and among people who work swing shifts;
  • Running red lights and stop signs, or disregarding other traffic signals.

Holding At-Fault Drivers Accountable For Fatal Car Accidents In Portland

Losing a loved one is always difficult. It is particularly heartbreaking when it could have been avoided. Family and friends are often frustrated when a loved one dies in a fatal car accident to find that no criminal charges are filed in the case. Being denied a sense of justice can make it all the harder to recover in the aftermath. Filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver offers a way to hold accountable.

Regardless of whether or not criminal charges are filed, spouses, parents, children, and personal representatives of the victim’s estate may be entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the at-fault driver through the Multnomah County Courts. While nothing can bring back your loved one or ease your suffering during this difficult time, a wrongful death claim can provide justice for the victim while ensuring you are compensated for funeral expenses, outstanding medical bills, and the pain and suffering their death caused.

Let Us Help You Today

At the Johnston Law Firm P.C., we provide the compassionate, caring support and trusted legal guidance you need when fatal car accidents happen. While you focus on grieving your loved one, we focus on holding those at fault accountable in a wrongful death claim. To request a one-on-one consultation, call (503) 546-3167 or contact our Portland car accident attorneys online today.

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