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Common Myths About Truck Rollover Accidents and Why They Really Happen

Rollover crashes are one of the most common types of truck accidents and can result in serious personal injuries. A recent rollover truck accident in Portland raises awareness of the risks. Find out common myths about these crashes and why they really happen. 

Rollover Truck Accident In Portland Results In Major Traffic Impacts

A recent rollover truck accident in Portland blocked traffic on a busy roadway for hours after, as cleanup crews worked to contain the damage. According to November 4, 2021, KOIN News report, it happened on Interstate 5 Northbound near Terwilliger Boulevard. 

Police are continuing to investigate and have not released many details other than that it involved two semi-trucks. Traffic was blocked in both directions for hours after, but there were no reports of personal injuries among other drivers involved. Considering the massive size of most big rigs, this is extremely fortunate. Rollover crashes can end up impacting all of the following: 

  • Motorists traveling directly alongside the truck;
  • Motorists in opposing lanes of traffic or even underneath overpasses;
  • Due to the potential for multi-vehicle pile-ups, rollovers can impact motorists several cars back;
  • Cargo spills that happen in the aftermath can impact residents in the surrounding area. 

Why Rollover Truck Accidents Really Happen

Rollover truck accidents are often blamed on inexperienced drivers, going too fast around curves, and poor weather conditions. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) advises that while a rollover can happen in these situations, the real reason behind most of these crashes is actually one of the following: 

  • Distracted driving: In most cases, a truck rollover is not the primary cause of a crash, but rather the outcome of other reckless driving behaviors on the part of the truck driver. One of the most common is distracted driving, which can cause drivers to swerve into other lanes or have to suddenly slam on the brakes. 
  • Drowsy driving: A major problem among truckers due to overscheduling, the FMCSA reports that drowsy driving is a likely culprit in roughly one out of every five rollover accidents. Nodding off or being excessively tired can cause the driver to drift onto a soft shoulder or ride on a curb, triggering a rollover crash. 
  • Poor truck maintenance: Studies show that over 50 percent of trucks involved in rollover accidents suffered from poor vehicle maintenance, with worn brakes and defects the most common. 
  • Uneven loads: Unevenly loaded cargo and either oversized or undersized loads can impact the center of gravity and make a truck unstable, increasing rollover risks. 

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