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COVID, Driver Shortages, And Supply Chain Issues Increase Portland Delivery Truck Accident Risks

Online shopping has always been popular but concerns over COVID-19 have caused a major spike in demand. This means an increase in delivery trucks on the road. Combined with driver shortages and supply chain issues, the risk of delivery truck accidents has increased as well. Find out more about the problem and some general safety issues involved in last-mile truck deliveries. 

Why Delivery Truck Accidents Are Increasing

When you think of a truck accident, stories of catastrophic crashes involving tanker trucks, tractor-trailers, or other big rigs may come to mind. These types of truck accidents in Portland are unfortunately common and pose serious risks to motorists. However, an increasingly frequent problem today concerns delivery trucks. 

According to a report, the number of delivery truck accidents has dramatically increased in the past few years. A trifecta of problems in recent months makes them even more common: 

  • Increased reliance on deliveries due to COVID-19: Ongoing concerns over the pandemic continue to prompt large numbers of people to order food, clothing, and other items online. Even people initially resistant to the idea have embraced it due to recent surges in cases. 
  • Driver shortages: Longer shifts and increasing demands on the job are leading to high rates of burnout. Shortages of delivery truck drivers means more work and longer hours, increasing accident risks for those currently on the road. 
  • Supply chain issues: Problems in obtaining certain types of goods or getting them on a regular schedule have created serious headaches for drivers. People continue to order as they try alternate items but heavy backlogs mean a frantic pace once previously out of stock products finally come in. 

General Safety Issues Concerning Last Mile Deliveries

When ordering online, most people do not consider the complex and elaborate process involved in getting products and goods delivered to their door or the number of people and steps it requires. Merchant Fleet states that the supply chain process involves three major milestones: 

  1. First mile deliveries: This is when products are shipped from manufacturers to warehouses. 
  2. Second mile deliveries: This is when products are shipped to stores and other distribution sources. 
  3. Last-mile deliveries: This is when products are delivered to customers. 

Of each of these parts, last-mile deliveries have the least regulation, which is part of what makes delivery truck accidents more likely to happen. Improper delivery truck maintenance, inadequate lighting, lack of driver oversight or licensing, and pressure to put in long hours, often involving deliveries at night or during adverse weather, all increase delivery truck accident risks.

Our Portland Truck Accident Attorneys Help Injured Victims

Delivery truck accidents can cause serious personal injuries, impacting motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. At the Johnston Law Firm P.C., we help injured victims get the compensation they need to recover. Give us a call at (503) 546-3167 or contact our Portland truck accident attorneys online and request a consultation today.


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