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Fatal Pedestrian Accident Near Portland

An Oregon man not far from Portland was helping to unload a lawnmower on a recent weekday morning when he “stepped slightly out from behind the truck” and was hit by a passing SUV on a Forest Grove street.

According to a news report, a woman who was outside her home near the pedestrian accident said she saw the vehicle sitting atop the pinned man. She shouted to the driver to back up and then she rushed to perform CPR on the victim.

The media report states that there was no blood on the 49-year-old man and no scratches either. But there was also no sign of life in the landscape worker.

The accident happened to have occurred right across the street from the suburb’s hospital. A pair of doctors, a nurse and a nurse technician hurried to lend aid to the woman performing CPR.

Unfortunately, the man was dead where he lay.

The report on the incident did not give any police description of why the accident occurred, though it did note that the 25-year-old driver’s blood is to be tested to determine if he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the crash.

In similar cases, investigators will also check the driver’s phone records to see if they can determine if he was talking or texting at the time. Far too often, distractions can be a major contributor to motor vehicle accidents, injuries and fatalities.

An experienced attorney can help the victim’s family understand their legal options, including wrongful death litigation.


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