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Freak Pedestrian Accident Emphasizes the Need to Seek Medical Attention

Any time you are involved in an accident in a public place, you are likely to feel embarrassed and uncomfortable over the attention it draws. However, even though you may have only minor symptoms at the time, the injuries that can occur as a result can have long-ranging impacts on both your health and your finances. The case of a pedestrian accident involving a Portland woman struck by a falling panel on a public walkway is a prime example of both the unlikely ways injuries can occur and the tendency people have to brush off the potential damages they suffer.   

Panel From Aerial Tram Strikes Portland Woman on Pedestrian Walkway

Oregon Live reported on a freak pedestrian accident in Portland, which occurred just before noon on Wednesday, December 5, 2018. A 21-year-old Portland State University student, whose name had not been released by authorities as of this writing, was crossing the Darlene Hooley Pedestrian Bridge when she was suddenly struck by a falling object. The bridge, which runs along Interstate 5 connecting the South Waterfront area to Lair Hill, sits underneath the Portland Aerial Tram. The object that hit the woman was a 35 square foot metal piece of decorative panel from the roof of the tram. It became dislodged and fell more than 130 feet, striking the woman in the head.  

Relatives of the woman said the panel, which contained jagged edges and was roughly the shape of a car bumper, hit the woman ‘like a ton of bricks’. However, while admittedly dazed from the impact, she refused medical treatment when an ambulance summoned by onlookers appeared at the scene. Her father later took her to a local hospital, but the initial investigation listed her as suffering only minor injuries.

The Tendency to Downplay Pedestrian Accidents and Injuries

The incident highlights the tendency for pedestrian accident victims to want to downplay the situation and the extent of their injuries. While it is understandable to feel somewhat embarrassed and to be in a state of shock when such an unexpected type of event occurs, underestimating your injuries can put your health in danger and jeopardize your rights when it comes to filing a claim.

Any type of bump or blow to the head has the potential to have serious health impacts. As one of the most common causes of death and disability in the U.S., the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises that head injuries can disrupt brain functions. As with many potentially serious conditions, symptoms may take hours, days, or even weeks to occur. The safest course of action is to always seek medical treatment immediately when any type of accidental injury occurs.

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