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How To Have Fun And Play It Safe During Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride

Portland plays host to a variety of unique events. One of the most famous is the Portland World Naked Bike Ride. It draws tens of thousands of both residents and visitors to the city and can be a lot of fun, but it can also create serious hazards. Our Portland personal injury lawyer answers frequently asked questions about the ride and offers tips to reduce the risks. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Portland’s Naked Bike Ride

The annual Portland World Naked Bike Ride takes place on Saturday, August 12, 2023. It is one of the biggest, and undoubtedly among the most unusual, events the city hosts and lives up to its name, attracting people from throughout the United States and across the globe. Curious about what to expect? Travel Portland provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from participants and spectators alike: 

What Is The Purpose Of Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride? 

Since it began in 2004, the event has served as a form of protest and a way to raise awareness of the world’s dangerous dependency on oil. 

How Much Does It Cost And Who Can Participate? 

The event is free and, in addition to bicyclists, it is open to people walking or using rollerblades, skateboards, and other forms of non-motorized transportation. If you prefer not to participate directly, you are welcome to cheer on those that do from the sidelines. 

Is It Legal? 

While public nudity is prohibited by law, the Naked Bike Ride is a form of protest. As a result, participants are protected by law. However, lewd or obscene behavior is strictly prohibited. 

How Does The Portland World Naked Bike Ride Work? 

The route for the bike ride is kept a secret up until the time of the event. Once everyone is assembled, clothing comes off and body paint, feathers, glitter, or other flourishes go on. Of course, getting naked is not a requirement. The streets you travel are closed and protected by uniformed Portland police officers, with fully-clothed medical personnel and other volunteers at regular intervals. No one is forced to take their clothes off — if you are on the shy side, you are still welcome to participate. But do not be surprised if you get swept up in the moment and end up shedding your attire as well. 

Safety Is A Top Priority

In terms of crowd size, Oregon Live reports that the Portland World Naked Bike Ride consistently breaks records, with over 10,000 people of all shapes, sizes, genders, and nationalities participating. Considering all those attending and the various impacts it has on the city over the weekend, it is important for everyone to be aware of the potential risks. 

Whether you are attending, watching from the sidelines, or simply likely to be in Portland over the weekend, make safety a top priority and follow these tips: 

  • As a bicyclist or other participant: Follow all instructions provided by event organizers, stick to designated routes, and be considerate of others. This means avoiding crowding, competing, or aggressive behaviors. While clothing is optional, wearing an approved safety helmet, pads, proper footwear, and other safety gear is strongly encouraged. 
  • As an observer: Without a doubt, Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride is a spectacle and something to see. However, be respectful of participants, and avoid taking pictures without permission. Cheering them on is encouraged, but be aware of boundaries and avoid heckling or other distractions that could put them at risk. 
  • When traveling throughout the city: The fact that ride routes are not revealed in advance can lead to traffic snafus. If you find yourself in the immediate area, reduce your speed and be respectful of both participants and spectators. Be alert that throughout the weekend, there is likely to be an increased number of both pedestrians and bicyclists in the area. Give yourself extra time when traveling, avoid distractions, and stay aware of those around you at all times. 

Reach Out To Our Portland Personal Injury Lawyer

With so many people in town for Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride, there is an increased risk of bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and other serious mishaps that could result in personal injuries. If you or someone you love is hurt, reach out to the Johnston Law Firm. We help victims hold those at fault accountable and get the compensation they deserve. Call (503) 546-3167 or contact our Portland personal lawyer online today to request a consultation. 


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