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How to Support Truck Drivers and Reduce Truck Accidents Risks During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Many Portland residents are out of school or work as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Getting supplies from local stores and visiting public parks can provide relief from the monotony of sitting at home. During these trips, keep in mind the demanding work others are doing to ensure we have what we need. Truck drivers are among the front line workers in fighting the pandemic, helping to keep residents in Portland and throughout the country supplied. Unfortunately, long hours on the job and stress over the situation increases the likelihood of truck accidents. The following highlights ways you can support truckers and reduce accident risks. 

Do Your Part to Prevent Truck Accidents in Portland

Truck drivers are among the heroes who have emerged in the coronavirus pandemic. To support drivers, the Oregon Trucking Association offers online classes, additional safety instructions, and information on resources available while on the road. Meanwhile, state and federal government agencies have eased restrictions on hours of service to ensure the public’s needs for food, medical equipment, and other important supplies are met. As a result, truck drivers are putting in long hours and spending additional time away from their own families. 

Unfortunately, this only increases truck accident risks. During this difficult time, there are actions other motorists can take to support truck drivers and reduce both the challenges and dangers they face. Edmunds offers the following tips for automobile drivers when sharing the road with semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, and other big rigs: 

  • Be aware of blind spots: All motorists have blind spots on either side of their vehicle, where other drivers disappear from view. For truckers, these blind spots are larger due to the size of their rigs, extending out into opposing lanes. If you encounter a truck on local roads or highways, allow them plenty of space and avoid traveling alongside, in front of, or directly behind them.
  • Allow plenty of space for passing: Commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. Drivers need to be aware of the additional time that is required for stopping or even slowing down a big rig. While passing a slow moving truck is acceptable driving behavior, use your turn signals to give them advance warning and avoid returning too quickly to their lane or otherwise cutting them off. 
  • Be patient when they are reversing: At grocery stores and in other locations, expect to encounter truck drivers attempting to reverse and back into spaces or loading platforms. Be aware of how difficult it is to see and navigate when backing up a trailer that may be 48 feet or more in length. Be patient and allow truck drivers the time and space they need to back up safely. 

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