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Important Evidence In Your Portland Personal Injury Claim

Personal injuries can occur due to various types of accidents. Often, reckless and negligent behavior on the part of others involved is responsible. By filing a personal injury claim against them, you can get compensation for the medical expenses, lost wages, and other costs you incur as a result. Our Portland personal injury attorney explains important evidence that can help you get the maximum amount you are entitled to in a claim.     

Gather Evidence When Personal Injuries In Portland Happen

When any type of accident happens, such as a motor vehicle crash or a slip and fall on someone’s property, your first step should be to ensure that an accident report is filed. This may involve calling 9-1-1, reporting the incident to the property owner or onsite security, or notifying the Portland Police in the immediate aftermath. In either case, it is important not to do this regardless of the circumstances or the seeming severity of your injuries. 

Accident reports provide crucial evidence in filing a claim and typically detail when and where the accident occurred, other people involved, and additional details that could aid in investigations. Other important evidence to gather in the immediate aftermath of an accident: 

  • Names and contact information for any witnesses;
  • Photos or videos of the area and your injuries;
  • Reports from emergency medical service (EMS) workers, emergency room personnel, or others who saw you right after the accident;
  • Detailed notes regarding what happened, while your memory is fresh. 

Evidence That Helps Support Your Personal Injury Claim

Under the Oregon Revised Code, you have the right to hold others accountable when their negligent actions leave you suffering personal injuries. This is true even in cases where you may have been partially at fault. 

Evidence collected in the days, weeks, and months after an accident can help protect your rights in filing a claim and ensure you get the maximum you deserve. Our Portland personal injury attorneys can assist you in gathering the following items; 

  • More in-depth statements from witnesses regarding how your accident happened;
  • Copies of surveillance tapes from nearby stores or traffic signals in the area;
  • Statements, records, and receipts from medical providers detailing your diagnosis, your prognosis for recovery, and any ongoing care you are likely to require;
  • Statements from accidental reconstruction experts and other professionals. 

You can do your part by keeping a personal injury journal, detailing the impact your injuries have on you and your loved ones. Include ongoing symptoms, impacts on your ability to work or perform certain tasks on the job, and whether your personal injuries prevent you from engaging in your prior hobbies and activities.  

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When personal injuries happen, you have only one chance to get the compensation you need to recover. For help in getting the maximum amount you are entitled to in a claim, reach out to the Johnston Law Firm P.C. To request a consultation, call (503) 546-3167 or contact our Portland personal injury attorney online today.  


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