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Is Your Car Under Recall? How Auto Defects Increase Portland Personal Injury Risks

Considering the high price you pay for a new or even used car, you expect it to be manufactured and assembled properly, free from defects that could harm you or your passengers. Unfortunately, auto recalls have become increasingly common and often center around problems that could result in serious, potentially life-threatening personal injuries. Our Portland personal injury lawyer shares more about the risks, how to protect yourself, and your rights in holding auto manufacturers or others involved accountable. 

Auto Recalls Impact Millions Of Vehicles

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death and disability. Automobile defects can make them more likely to happen. In addition to being a direct or indirect cause of crashes and collisions, malfunctions that occur even when not driving could leave you or others suffering potentially life-threatening harm. 

In recent months, automobile defects have made headline news due to a flurry of recalls. According to Car and Driver, these include: 

  • Over 230,000 Ford Explorers recalled due to dangerous rollaway concerns;
  • Close to 500,000 Honda and Acura vehicles recalled due to engine stall and brake failure risks, which could have serious impacts when driving in traffic;
  • Close to 900,000 Ford F-150s recalled due to parking brake malfunctions, posing hazards to anywhere in the area;
  • Close to 2 million Toyota RAV4s recalled due to potential fire risks, which could cause catastrophic harm. 

In addition to recalls impacting specific makes and models, more than 52 million other cars are likely to be recalled in 2024 due to dangerous airbag defects, causing them to inflate improperly. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), it is an ongoing problem that has impacted tens of millions of car owners over the past several years. 

Protecting Yourself Against Auto Defect Injury Risks 

Defective motor vehicle parts pose serious hazards to motorists and other road users. They can cause mechanical failures that increase crash risks when driving. Even if you are parked, defects impacting mechanical or electrical systems can cause serious personal injuries. 

The NHTSA, as part of the federal Department of Transportation, oversees traffic safety in the U.S. They constantly monitor data and when auto defect-related person injuries happen, they conduct investigations. When defects are linked to a string of accidents or injuries, they can take action in issuing a recall. 

One of the most important steps you can take to protect yourself and your passengers is to check and see if your car is on the NHTSA recall list. It is a database that allows consumers to search by Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). If your car is listed, contact the manufacturer, which is legally required to make any changes needed, free of charge. Other ways you can protect yourself against personal injuries due to auto defects include: 

  • Have your vehicle serviced by a licensed mechanic regularly;
  • Report anything suspicious at once;
  • Pay attention to any correspondence from the dealership, which is legally required to notify you about defects;
  • If your vehicle is on the recall list, get it fixed immediately. 

Your Rights To Compensation For Auto Defect-Related Car Accidents and Injuries In Portland

Auto defects put you and others at serious risk for personal injuries in Portland. You have the right to hold the auto or parts manufacturer, dealers or distributors, and others involved accountable. 

In the event of a crash or when defect-related injuries otherwise happened, reach out to our Portland personal injury lawyers. We can investigate, gather evidence to prove auto defects were at least partially responsible, and guide you in filing a claim against those involved. You may be entitled to compensation either through a negotiated settlement or by filing a personal injury lawsuit through the Multnomah County Civil Court

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Car accidents are a common cause of personal injuries in Portland and automobile defects often play a role in these crashes. Problems with parts, manufacturing, or design can also put you and your passengers at risk, even if the vehicle is not moving. 

When injuries happen due to the negligence of automakers or parts manufacturers, you have the right to hold them liable for losses you suffer as a result. At the Johnston Law Firm, we provide the trusted guidance and professional legal representation you need in filing a claim. To protect your rights, give us a call at (503) 546-3167 or contact our Portland personal injury lawyers online and request a consultation today. 


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