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Log Truck Driver Killed in Accident South of Portland

On May 3rd, 2018, the Statesman Journal reported that one person was killed and another person was hospitalized with severe injuries following a devastating semi-truck accident south of Portland. This large truck collision occurred just outside of Monmouth, in Polk County. According to the responding law enforcement officers, the crash involved a pickup truck and a logging truck. The collision is still under investigation. Unfortunately, semi-truck accidents in Portland, OR are far from rare. Not only do far too many large truck crashes occur in our region, but when these collisions do happen, the consequences can be truly catastrophic.

What to Do If You are Involved in a Portland Semi-Truck Accident

  • Emergency Medical Needs Always Come First

After a major truck accident, all victims should seek medical attention. Emergency medical needs always come before anything else. Get yourself and others necessary medical treatment. Severely injured victims should get an ambulance to the nearest hospital or medical center. Even if you believe that your injuries are minor or moderate, you must still get yourself checked out by a skilled doctor. You do not want to take any chances: make sure you get proper care. In addition to protecting your health, you will not be able to bring a truck accident injury claim unless you have seen a doctor.

  • Report the Accident to State or Local Law Enforcement

Under Oregon state law, all motor vehicle accidents must be reported to highway authorities if there is an injury or more than $2,500 in total property damage. In Portland truck accident cases, it is in your best interest to ensure that an officer gets to the scene of the crash to draft a comprehensive accident report.

  • Exchange Information, Gather Crash Evidence

You should exchange information with the truck driver who was involved in your wreck. Beyond getting the name and license number, you should also get identifying information for the truck itself, including the name and contact information of the company that owns it or that is operating it. Further, to the best of your ability, you should try to secure evidence at the scene of the wreck. Among other things, victims should try to take photographs of the vehicle damage, take photographs of the crash scene, and secure witness contact information.

  • Do Not Give a Statement to the Trucking Company or their Insurer

The single biggest mistake that Portland, OR truck accident victims make is trying to deal directly with the trucking company or with their insurance carrier. You should never give a statement to these big companies after a crash. They are looking out for their profits, not your best interests. Before you talk to the insurance adjuster, be sure to consult with an experienced Portland semi-truck accident attorney.

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