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Looking for Outdoor Fun in Vancouver? Be Aware of Personal Injury Risks

The coronavirus pandemic has kept Vancouver residents indoors and on lockdown since early spring. Now that warmer weather is here and cases are on a decline, many people are eager to get outdoors and resume their normal recreational activities. In your enthusiasm, do not forget to continue making safety a priority. In addition to social distancing, be aware of personal injury risks and the steps you need to prevent them. 

Decreasing Personal Injury Risks During Outdoor Adventures

For several weeks now, The Columbian has reported on residents of Vancouver protesting closures related to the coronavirus pandemic. As the number of cases begins a slow decline, businesses are beginning to reopen and people are eagerly looking forward to getting back to their favorite activities. With summer right around the corner, this means an increased emphasis on outdoor sports and recreational opportunities. 

The City of Vancouver offers an abundance of ways to enjoy the outdoors, and most local parks and waterways have reopened. Being in open spaces rather than closed areas is preferable in reducing exposure to COVID-19, but there are other hazards you need to be aware of. The following details precautions you can take, depending on the type of activity you are engaged in: 

  • Walking: There are plenty of places to walk in Vancouver, whether you are looking for exercise or simply a change in scenery. While you are out, be aware that slips, falls, and interactions with other road users can leave you suffering personal injuries. To protect yourself, stick to sidewalks or marked trails, wear light, bright-colored clothes, and avoid distractions such as earbuds. 
  • Bicycling: Vancouver has an enthusiastic cycling community. Whether you are out on a group ride or going solo it is important to take steps to reduce your risks for bike accidents. Make sure your bike is properly maintained before trips, use bike lanes where available, wear a helmet and other safety gear, and use hand signals when making turns. 
  • Boating and Other Water Activities: Between the Columbia River and Vancouver Lake, there are plenty of opportunities for boaters or anyone who enjoys being near the water. When engaging in any type of water-related activities, make sure someone is with you, pay close attention to any warnings in place, and avoid using alcohol. 
  • Sports: Tennis, volleyball, baseball, and other types of sports can provide a good physical outlet while still allowing you to maintain social distancing. When engaging in any of these activities, make sure you play on the right type of surface, wear the appropriate protective gear, and avoid overuse. If an injury does occur, stop playing and seek medical attention right away. 

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