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Most Dangerous Areas in Portland

Portland is a great place to live, and its charms lure increasing numbers of people to visit as well as relocate here each year. Providing a variety of both urban and natural resources to explore, the city has something for everyone to see or participate in, regardless of your age or interests. Part of our charm lies in our neighborhoods, many of which contribute their own distinct flavor and culture to the city.

Unfortunately, while some Portland streets and neighborhoods are meccas for visitors and sightseers, others are more likely to be magnets for criminal activity and overall dangerous situations, including conditions that contribute to car accidents and injuries. Whether you live in Portland or are just visiting, it is important to be aware of some of the more dangerous streets and neighborhoods in order to protect yourself and your loved ones from injuries.

Portland’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

Online news platform Go Local PDX, which serves Portland and the entire Oregon area, compiled five years’ worth of data and statistics from local police departments and fire and rescue services, as well as information from the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles regarding dangerous intersections. They used these numbers as a way of identifying some of the most potentially dangerous neighborhoods and streets throughout the Portland area. Overall, what they found were five specific neighborhoods, all of which were located in east Portland, which topped the lists in terms of high rates of crime, fires, and deadly intersections. These areas include:

  1. Hazelwood: Over 10,000 calls for police in the five-year period and 15 different dangerous intersections that have resulted in over a thousand car accidents make Hazelwood number one in terms of dangerous neighborhoods.
  2. Lents: Over the five-year period, Lents had close to 7,000 police calls, while nine different intersections resulted in over 12,000 accidents.
  3. Powellhurst-Gilbert: This neighborhood ranks third, with over 6,000 police calls and 12 different dangerous intersections resulting in over 1,100 accidents.
  4. Centennial: This neighborhood had over 5,500 police calls and six dangerous intersections resulting in over 380 accidents.
  5. Montavilla: Over 3,600 police calls and five intersections resulting in over 400 accidents make Montavilla the fifth dangerous neighborhood in Portland.

Part of making these neighborhoods less dangerous is improving road conditions as well as increasing police trafficking for illegal activities, including driving violations such as speeding and reckless driving. If you live in one of these communities, or are concerned about the safety factor of other Portland neighborhoods, contact the City of Portland Office of Neighborhood Development for information on programs that can help.

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