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Multi-Vehicle Car Accident: Determining Who Is Liable

With heavier traffic at this time of year, multi-vehicle car accidents in Portland become more common. They can happen on major highways while sitting in traffic, or in crowded parking lots. Personal injuries you suffer as a result have the potential to be severe, but getting the compensation you need to recover often proves challenging. Find out how to determine who is liable in a claim.  

Multi-Vehicle Car Accident Near Portland Results In Fatality 

A recent multi-vehicle car accident near Portland claimed the life of one person and left several others with serious personal injuries.  According to a November 26, 2021, Fox 12 News report, the crash happened near the 4100 block of Southeast TV Highway in Hillsboro. 

Police reports state that a Toyota Scion was traveling east prior to the crash, driving recklessly and at a high rate of speed. The driver clipped a Honda Ridgeline during an attempted pass and lost control of their vehicle, swerving into the opposing lane. They ended up broadsiding another vehicle, causing extensive damage to the Scion and serious injuries for the driver and two passengers inside. Sadly, one of the passengers ended up dying as a result of their injuries. The other vehicle occupants, as well as the other two drivers involved, were taken to local hospitals. Police are continuing to investigate the case and have not yet stated what charges would be filed. 

Who Is Liable In A Multi-Vehicle Car Accident? 

In the above case, the Scion driver was clearly at fault for the damages both other drivers sustained but others are not as easy to resolve. A rear-end collision can trigger a multi-vehicle crash, in which several vehicles slam into the driver in front of them. They can also happen in parking lots and intersections, where drivers may be coming from multiple directions. The legal theory of contributory negligence applies in these situations. 

Under the Oregon Revised Statutes, drivers can be held accountable for their portion of the blame.  Even if you were partially at fault, you may still be entitled to compensation provided you were 50 percent or less at fault. The following highlights how a settlement like this might work: 

  • You are involved in a multi-vehicle accident with two other drivers;
  • The damages you suffer are estimated at $100,000;
  • One driver is determined is determined to be 60 percent at fault, while you and another driver each share 20 percent of the blame;
  • You would be entitled to $80,000 in a settlement ($100,000 minus your 20 percent), with the driver most at fault paying $64,000 and the other paying $16,000. 

Injured In A Multi-Vehicle Crash? Contact Our Portland Car Accident Attorneys 

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