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Night Out Takes Tragic Turn When Local Man Killed In Portland Pedestrian Accident

Friday and Saturday nights provide an opportunity to unwind from the demands of the week. For people of all ages, weekends are a time to hang out with friends and enjoy restaurants, bars, and other types of nightlife the city offers. Unfortunately, weekend nights are also the most common time for personal injuries to occur. The tragic death of a local man in a pedestrian accident in Portland highlights the potential dangers. 

Portland Man Struck by TriMet Train During Night Out With Friends

A recent pedestrian accident involving a TriMet Max train tragically claimed the life of a young Portland man. According to a June 24, 2020 Oregon Live news report, the fatal accident happened late Saturday night near the Providence Park Station. Police have yet to release any details regarding the circumstances or how the crash occurred, but TriMet confirmed it happened on the eastbound tracks, on the Blue and Red MAX lines. 

Sadly, the 22-year-old victim was pronounced dead at the scene. The father spoke out after the incident and said his son grew up in Northeast Portland, enjoying music and photography. He is planning to memorialize the young man with a bench at Grant Park, one of his son’s favorite spots. 

Police are continuing their investigation into the case. Unfortunately, the incident is one of several train-related pedestrian accidents to occur since the beginning of the year. 

Pedestrian Accidents Increase over Weekends

Unguarded train tracks, busways and bus stations, areas without sidewalks, and intersections that lack crosswalks or traffic signals are all potentially dangerous places and pose a high risk for pedestrian accidents. These risks significantly increase at night and on the weekends. 

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), of the close to 8,000 fatal pedestrian accidents that occur each year, the largest percentage happens on Saturday nights. Portland offers plenty of pedestrian-friendly options in terms of nightlife and walking is preferable to driving if you intend on having any amount of alcohol, but it is important for residents to be aware of the risks. Factors that increase the odds of being involved in a late-night, weekend pedestrian accident include: 

  • Visibility is significantly reduced at night in general and many drivers suffer problems with night blindness;
  • Drivers are more likely to be engaged in speeding and other dangerous driving behaviors;
  • Drivers are more likely to be distracted by their own plans of by passengers in their vehicle;
  • Drivers are more likely to be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

Pedestrians can help to reduce their risks by keeping to well-lit areas, crossing streets and train tracks at designated crosswalks, and taking a cab home if they have a few drinks. 

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