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Current Principal of Hillsboro School Accused of Sexual Abuse

A law firm in Portland, Oregon has filed a lawsuit against Jeff Hays, the current principal at City View Charter School in Hillsboro, and former principal at Deep Creek Elementary School. It is his time spent at Deep Creek that is in question; the lawsuit against Hays is for $20 million in damages, and alleges that during his time as principal there, he sexually abused two girls (now ages 16 and 19).

Victims Claim Abuse Went on For Years

According to the victims’ statements, who are referred to in news stories only by their initials – J.J. and K.K. – the two girls were sexually abused multiple times over a four-year period, with the abuse beginning when the girls were age seven. The 19-year-old woman claims that Hays sexually assaulted her countless times, and stated that he touched her genitalia between 20 and 25 times over the four years. The lawsuit also states that when Hays would call the girls to his office, he would make sure that both the door and the blinds were closed.

Criminal Investigation Opened

The lawsuit, while recently filed, is coming on the heels of a criminal investigation that was opened against Hays by police, and was completed in January. At this point, however, no arrest has been made, and prosecutors are determining whether or not to charge Hays with a crime. One woman, the head of the school’s booster club, told reporters that she repeatedly warned Hays against having meetings with young girls with closed doors, and forbade Hays from meeting with her own daughter without supervision.

Hays Denies Allegations; School District Declines Comment

Hays declined comment when questioned by reporters at the elementary school, stating that he wanted to talk with his lawyer. He did tell reporters, though, that “the allegations are false.” The school district for which Hays worked from 2005 to 2009 (the years during which the girls claim they were sexually abused) declined to comment, but did confirm Hays’ employment with the district. One person, a spokeswoman for the district, said that there were no complaints filed against Hays during his time there.

Hays Still Serving as Principal at Hillsboro School

Whether the allegations are true or not, the fact that Hays is still serving as principal at the Hillsboro elementary school is of concern to parents, as well as the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. The attorneys for the plaintiffs, Greg Kafoury, has asked for any additional victims to come forward by reporting the abuse to the Clackamas County Sheriff’s investigator.

Sexual Abuse Has Long-Lasting Consequences

The girls are seeking damages for emotional trauma, suffering, and trouble with trust and emotional intimacy. One of the victim’s mothers told reporters that the abuse has transformed her daughter from a “vibrant” young person to one with depression. If you are a victim of sexual abuse, you have the right to pursue criminal and civil charges against your abuser. You should report the abuse to the police immediately, and then call an attorney.


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