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Oregon Truck Accidents Involving Pedestrians

When driving a semi-truck, tractor-trailer, or other types of big rigs, truckers typically experience reduced visibility. This makes it harder for them to see surrounding cars on the road. When it comes to pedestrians, truckers are likely to not even know they are there until it is too late. Sadly, truck accidents in Oregon involving pedestrians occur on a regular basis and the injuries suffered by victims are often fatal. 

Pedestrian Killed In Oregon Truck Accident

Pedestrian accidents involving trucks are not as common as other types of crashes but they do happen periodically throughout Oregon. According to an August report by the Statesman-Journal, an Aumsville man was killed on Interstate 5 when he was walking and stepped out in front of a truck near the Market Street exit. The 46-year-old tanker truck driver involved was headed northbound in the right-hand lane and likely did not have time to come to a stop. 

Whereas other vehicles may be able to immediately swerve to avoid hitting a pedestrian, this is not an option for truck drivers due to the following reasons: 

  • As the average big rig can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and extend 72 feet in length, they are far more difficult to navigate. 
  • Trucks need more time and space both in making wide turns and in slowing down or coming to a stop.
  • Swerving or attempting to slam on the brakes can cause a loss of control, resulting in a rollover truck accident or jackknife crash. This is when the truck’s trailer rides up alongside the cab at a 90 pedigree angle, which can end up jeopardizing the motorists in surrounding lanes.   

How Common Are Truck Accidents Involving Pedestrians?

The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety (IIHS) reports that of the 4,000 people who lose their lives in truck accidents each year, 67 percent are drivers or occupants in other vehicles, 16 percent are truck drivers themselves, and 15 percent are pedestrians. 

Pedestrian truck accidents often happen on rural roads, as well as on major highways. Both places typically lack safety features such as traffic signals, sidewalks, or crosswalks for pedestrians. All of these typically go a long way towards keeping them safe. Other places these types of crashes frequently occur include: 

  • On streets where truck drivers attempt left or right hand turns, which can end up impacting pedestrians on sidewalks and in crosswalks. 
  • Near highway exit ramps, where truckers may not be prepared for pedestrians standing near or crossing at intersections close by. 
  • In parking lots, such as at gas stations, stores, or highway rest stops, where accidents frequently occur as truckers are passing through or backing up.  

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Fatalities often occur as a result of pedestrian truck accidents. While no amount of money can make up for the loss of a loved one, filing a truck accident claim can provide a sense of justice. At the Johnston Law Firm P.C., we provide the professional legal representation you need during this difficult time. To request a consultation, call (503) 546-3167 or contact our Oregon truck accident attorneys online today.  


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