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Pain And Suffering in a Portland Car Accident Claim 

Car accidents in Portland happen unexpectedly. Victims often suffer shock and trauma for long after a crash while they struggle to recover from painful and potentially debilitating personal injuries. 

When a Portland car accident occurs and others are to blame, you can hold those at fault accountable for your losses. This includes tangible expenses you incur as well as your pain and suffering. Referred to as non-economic damages, our Portland car accident lawyer explains more about what pain and suffering are and the role they play in your claim. 

Car Accidents In Portland Can Cause Serious Pain And Suffering 

According to the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT), as many as 12,000 car accidents throughout the city are reported each year. These can cause potentially devastating personal injuries for drivers and passengers, as well as for bicyclists and pedestrians involved. 

Broken bones, torn muscles or tendons, deep cuts and lacerations, and head, back, or other serious personal injuries can take long months to recover from. During this time, victims are likely to experience the following: 

  • Severe pain and discomfort;
  • Limited mobility;
  • Loss of freedom and dignity in medical settings;
  • Inability to engage in usual activities;
  • Mental distress due to being unable to provide for themselves and their loved ones;
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder due to what they experienced in the crash. 

Sleepless nights, increased overall anxiety, nightmares, and feelings of reliving the crash are all common among victims. Physical torment at the time of the accident and during the treatment and recovery process can be unbearable. 

Fortunately, these impacts are acknowledged under state laws and you have the right to seek compensation for them as part of a Portland car accident claim. 

Economic And Non-Economic Damages For Portland Car Accident Injuries

When a car accident in Portland happens, it is often due to reckless and dangerous driving behavior on the part of other motorists involved. This includes speeding, running red lights, tailgating, improper passing, and driving drunk or while distracted. If their behavior results in a crash and you suffer personal injuries as a result, you have the right to seek compensation in a claim. 

Under the Oregon Revised Code (ORS 31.705), there are two general types of compensation available: 

  • Economic damages: These cover all tangible costs associated with your car accident, including property losses, current and future medical expenses due to your injuries, current lost wages, and future lost earnings or benefits due to ongoing impairments. 
  • Non-economic damages: These compensate you for intangible losses from a Portland car accident, which includes your pain and suffering. 

Legally, you cannot claim non-economic damages if you suffered no tangible losses in an Oregon car accident. However, if you meet the legal criteria, pain and suffering can make up a significant portion of a Portland personal injury claim.

Get Compensation For Pain And Suffering In Portland 

In the aftermath of a car accident in Portland, it is important to report it to the police immediately, get contact and insurance information for everyone involved, and seek medical care for your injuries. In the days after, you will likely be contacted by insurers. Before making any statements or signing any documents, contact our Portland car accident lawyer first. 

We have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies and can help ensure pain and suffering are included in your claim. If the other driver is uninsured or their coverage fails to cover your costs, we can file a car accident lawsuit against them through the Multnomah County Civil Court. In addition to pain and suffering, you may be entitled to compensation for the following non-economic damages: 

  • Mental anguish due to car accident-related PTSD;
  • The impact of any scarring or disfigurement;
  • Being unable to enjoy your usual hobbies due to long-term disabilities;
  • Loss of companionship due to being unable to engage activities with friends or family. 

Pain and suffering after a Portland car accident can prove just as devastating to deal with as actual physical injuries. When this happens due to the negligence of others, you have the right to hold them responsible. 

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Car accidents in Portland can have devastating impacts on every area of your life. When others are at fault, you have the right to seek compensation. At Johnston Law Firm, we help you get the total amount you are entitled to for economic and non-economic losses. To request a consultation, call (503) 546-3167 or contact our Portland car accident lawyer online today. 


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