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Parking Lot Car Accidents: Know the Risks And What to Do if One Happens

With the holidays fast approaching, local stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues get busier both with locals and visitors to our area. Parking lots get crowded with people frantically searching for spaces, preoccupied with their plans and all they need to get done. This makes parking lot car accidents more likely to happen and while they may appear minor at first, they can result in serious personal injuries. Our Portland car accident attorneys want you to be aware of the risks and what to do if one happens. 

Parking Lot Accidents Increase over Holiday Season

A recent parking lot accident happened in a multi-level lot in Northwest Portland. According to an October 26, 2021 KATU 2 News report, a driver was navigating along the upper deck when he went over the ledge, falling on top of another vehicle in the lower lot. While this is a freak accident and not something likely to occur regularly, parking lot car accidents in Portland are common in general. They can happen in a variety of ways, injuring both drivers and pedestrians involved: 

  • Reversing accidents, when one driver pulling out of a space collides with another;
  • Stop sign accidents, which drivers frequently disregard in parking lots;
  • Failure to yield crashes, which can happen while searching for a space;
  • Side impact crashes, which often happen near parking lot exits and entrances. 

Parking lot car accidents happen more frequently over the holiday season. Drivers are often in a hurry to complete tasks and are more likely to be distracted when navigating or looking for spaces. 

What To Do If A Parking Lot Accident Happens

While parking lot accidents may appear minor, make no mistake: parking lot accidents can result in serious personal injuries. The National Safety Council (NSC) warns that they claim the lives of hundreds of people each year while leaving tens of thousands of others injured. Whiplash, muscle strains or sprains, and head or back injuries are common. 

To avoid paying out of pocket for property damages, medical expenses, and lost wages you incur as a result, take these steps when a parking lot car accident does happen: 

  • Immediately stop your vehicle and get out to assess the damage;
  • Make note of the other driver’s license plate number and get a vehicle description, just in case they flee;
  • Call the local police so that an accident report can be filed;
  • Exchange contact, insurance, and vehicle registration information with other drivers involved;
  • Make note of actually where the accident happened, any witnesses nearby, and whether there are security monitors;
  • Get checked by your doctor as soon as possible, reporting all symptoms regardless of how minor they appear. 

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