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Portland Pedalpalooza: How To Prevent Bicycle Accident Injuries At This Year’s Event

In June, Portland Pedalpalooza kicks off for the summer, featuring a full schedule of bicycling events that run through August. This provides the opportunity for bicyclists to take in some great rides and make new friends, but it also poses risks. Bicycle accidents in Portland remain a major problem and it is important to be aware of steps we can all take to prevent injuries.

Safety Tips For Pedalpalooza

Portland’s Pedapalooza offers an impressive selection of group rides and other events throughout the months of June, July, and August. This year’s schedule is filling up, with activities planned from morning to night each day.

With ongoing concerns regarding COVID-19, participants are required to wear face masks this year. They should also take some simple precautions:

  • Make sure your bike is appropriately sized and properly maintained before each ride;
  • Make sure you have standard safety gear, including an approved bicycle helmet;
  • Wear the appropriate clothes for riding, such as long pants and closed-toe shoes;
  • Wear light, bright colors to increase your visibility;
  • Know the route you will be traveling and identify the designated leader;
  • Stay in formation and keep pace with other riders;
  • Avoid sudden stops and pull to the side if you fall behind or need a break;
  • Watch for obstacles in your path and point them out to other cyclists;
  • Obey all traffic signs and signals;
  • Be mindful of pedestrians in your path.

How Motorists Can Prevent Bicycle Accidents In Portland

According to a May 2021 report by Bike Portland, close to 30 people have been killed in traffic accidents thus far this year, which represents a 115 percent increase over prior year figures. Bicyclists are among the most vulnerable road users and injuries they suffer tend to be severe.

While the City of Portland is making efforts to improve bicycle safety, residents are encouraged to take precautions to reduce the risks. Ways that you as a driver can help to make Pedalpalooza safer and prevent bicycle accidents in Portland in general include:

  • Be aware that bicyclists have the same rights as any other road user;
  • Be aware of the numerous bicycling events happening in our area throughout the summer months;
  • Be courteous when you encounter bicyclists on the road and respect their boundaries;
  • Yield the right of way when appropriate;
  • Be particularly careful when opening car doors on side streets, which is a common cause of bicycle accident injuries;
  • Always double check rearview mirrors for bicyclists before making turns;
  • Avoid dangerous driving behaviors that put you and bicyclists at risk, such as speeding, running red lights, and driving distracted;
  • Avoid getting behind the wheel (or on a bike) if you have any amount of alcohol in your system.

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