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Problems With Pick-Ups Increase Truck Accident Risks

Pick-up trucks are one of the most popular types of motor vehicles and are a frequent sight on roads throughout Oregon. Some drivers rely on them for practical purposes, whereas others view them more as a status symbol. Unfortunately, there are numerous issues with pick-up trucks that can make them hazardous when driving. After two recent truck accidents in Oregon involving pick-ups, we want you to be aware of the potential risks.

Truck Accidents In Oregon Involving Pick-Ups

In Oregon, pick-up trucks are frequently used by farmers in rural areas and by tradespeople in hauling products, supplies, tools, heavy machinery, and general debris. Outdoor adventurers also rely on pick-up trucks in hauling campers and recreational equipment. Outside of work and other practical uses, pick-ups hold a certain status among some drivers, who enjoy the extra bulk they provide and the height at which they sit off the road.

While they may not pose the same hazards as semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, and other types of big rigs, the fact is that pick-up trucks do increase the likelihood of serious injuries in the event of an accident. Two recent pick-up truck accidents in Oregon highlight the potential dangers. In one, a pick-up truck driver was making a turn on Route 2 in Ogle County when he crashed into a biker. According to a July 12, 2020 report by WREX News, the force of the impact caused both the driver and his passenger to be thrown completely off the motorcycle. Both were taken to local hospitals with serious injuries.

Just several weeks later, another pick-up truck accident in Oregon ended in tragedy. According to a July 27 Statesman Journal report, a Scio child was killed when he was struck by a pick-up while riding his bike. While reckless driving behaviors such as speeding, distracted driving, and driving under the influence are not being blamed for the crash, common problems with visibility in pick-ups was a likely factor.

The Problem With Pick-Up Trucks

As practical as pick-up trucks can be, they are equally problematic. Manufacturer defects and safety issues make them the frequent subject of recalls. According to the automotive aficionado website, there are glaring issues with pick-ups that increase truck accident risks. These include:

  • Poor visibility: One of the most common problems with pick-up trucks, the height at which they sit makes it harder to see other drivers or obstacles on the road.
  • Blind spots: The same as with larger trucks, pick-ups tend to have more blind spots than other vehicles.
  • Increased risk of rollovers: The higher the pick-up truck, the greater the risk for rollover accidents.
  • Brake issues: Problems with sliding brakes and other issues can impact the ability to stop, increasing collision risks.

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