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Protecting Bicyclists Who Are Most at Risk

As efforts to reduce the risk for community spread of the coronavirus continue in Portland, people unable to work are stuck at home looking for ways to pass the time. Riding a bike can provide a fun diversion and a way to get in some physical activity while maintaining social distancing. At the same time, it is important to take the appropriate precautions to prevent bicycle accidents. The following details those most at risk.  

Children, Teens, and Older Adults at Greatest Risk for Bicycle Accident Injuries

Bicycle riding is a popular hobby in Portland. People of all ages enjoy getting out on trails or riding on streets throughout city neighborhoods. With most other forms of recreation limited due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is an increased number of bicyclists on local roads. To prevent bicycle accidents, it is important to be aware of the risks. 

According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), bike accidents result in more than 1,000 deaths and close to 500,000 serious injuries each year. Those most in danger of being involved in a bicycle accident include: 

  • Small children: With schools closed as a result of COVID-19, bike riding provides an important outlet for small children. Unfortunately, their lack of judgment or ability to provide for themselves makes them one of the most at-risk age groups for bicycle accidents. Drivers in neighborhoods with children need to obey posted speed limits and use caution when pulling in and out of parking spaces. 
  • Adolescents: With classes canceled and malls closed, bike riding provides a way for adolescents to maintain their freedom and get time away from their parents. However, this particular age group is known for taking risks. Drivers distracted by circumstances surrounding the pandemic need to be particularly alert for teen bike riders on local streets. 
  • Older adults: People between the ages of 50 and 60 comprise one of the largest groups of cyclists and have the highest death rates due to bicycle accident injuries. Overconfidence in their abilities can make bike crashes more likely to happen while their age prevents them from bouncing back as quickly. 

Reducing Bike Accident Risks

Taking steps to reduce bike accident injuries is important at any time, but particularly in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. According to a March 26, 2020, OPB news report, medical facilities throughout the state are already strained in keeping up with patients. Going to the hospital creates additional stress and increases your likelihood of infection.  The following tips can help to reduce your risks:

  • Bicyclists should wear a helmet at all times;
  • Do a maintenance check of your bike before riding;
  • Avoid busy areas, such as highways or grocery store parking lots;
  • Parents should supervise young cyclists at all times. 

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