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Protecting Your Child Against Repeat Concussions

Children tend to play hard, without pausing to think about safety. This is why it is so important for teachers, instructors, and school coaches to take the necessary precautions in training young athletes and providing the appropriate gear for sports and recreational activities. Bumps and blows to the head are common among children, and while a single incident may not seem severe, repeated accidents can end up resulting in permanent and potentially disabling brain injuries.

Concussion in Children

A concussion can result from any type of sudden bump, blow, or jolt to the head, which disrupts the brain’s usual functioning. According to the Mayo Clinic, concussion in children can create serious problems. While most sports and recreational concussions tend to be mild and do not result in any lasting damage, it is important for your child to rest and to take it easy at home, school, and at play until symptoms subside. Common types of symptoms children often experience after even a mild concussion or brain injury include:

  • Headaches;
  • Problems with balance;
  • Difficulty in concentrating or remembering what is said;
  • Problems in putting thoughts and feelings into words;
  • Memory lapses;
  • Sleep and mood disorders;
  • Depression or extreme anxiety;
  • Sudden bouts of anger and flying into rages.

In the immediate aftermath of a concussion or suspected brain injury, your child should receive immediate medical attention and frequent check ups with your family doctor. The Mayo Clinic advises that there may need to be adjustments at school, such as a lighter course load, a shorter school day, and frequent breaks. All types of sports or recreational activities should be closely monitored, to prevent your child from overdoing it or re-injuring themselves. Suffering an additional concussion while recuperating from a brain injury could result in permanent impairments.

Repeat Concussions in Children

More is being learned about repetitive head injury, which can occur when a victim suffers a repeat concussion before the original brain injury has had the opportunity to heal completely. According to Brainline, while your child may only appear dazed, this second head injury could result in swelling or bleeding in the brain, a potentially life threatening situation. Overall, the effects of repeated brain injury can cause functional deficits and cognitive issues, such as speech problems, behavioral issues, and development delays. Anytime a head injury is suspected, those in charge of supervising your child should immediately remove them from play and notify you so that emergency medical care can be sought.

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Protecting and caring for a child with a head or brain injury can be demanding, requiring constant vigilance. School administrators, coaches, and recreational staff have an obligation to protect your child from harm, and can be held liable if additional injuries or complications occur. Call (503) 546-3167 or contact the Johnston Law Firm online and request a free consultation with our Portland brain injury attorney today to discuss your case and the options available in your situation.


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