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Road Rage Suspected In Vancouver Multi-Car Accident

It is easy to get frustrated when sitting in traffic and when rushing to get to work, home, or to make other appointments. However, losing your cool while you are behind the wheel can have devastating impacts for you and other drivers, making car accidents and injuries more likely to occur. In a recent car crash In Vancouver involving three different vehicles that left a state trooper injured, road rage is a suspected factor.

Multi-Vehicle Pile-Up May Have Been Due to Aggressive Driving

Fox 12 Oregon reported on a multi-vehicle car accident in Vancouver that occurred in late November 2018. The early morning crash closed all southbound lanes on Interstate 205, near State Route 500 Northeast Fourth Plain Boulevard. The accident occurred when one vehicle attempted to pass another along the right side of the road, injuring a Washington State Trooper in the process. A total of three cars ended up being impacted in the collision, though all involved suffered only minor injuries. An investigation is ongoing but law enforcement officials claim road rage may have been a contributing factor.

Road rage is an exaggerated form of aggressive driving, in which drivers often become frustrated with other motorists, road conditions, or traffic tie-ups. It may include:

  • Tailgating and closely following other drivers in an effort to intimidate them or get them to move quicker;
  • Passing at high rates of speed, without allowing adequate space between your car and other vehicles;
  • Failing to yield or take turns at entrance or exit ramps and intersections;
  • Making aggressive hand gestures, laying on your horn, or following other drivers in a threatening manner.

Protecting Yourself Against Aggressive Drivers

While road rage episodes tend to be dramatic and capture headlines, incidents in which you encounter aggressive drivers are likely to happen every day. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), it is one of the most common types of reckless driving behaviors and one of the most likely to result in car accidents and injuries. To protect yourself against these types of crashes, follow these tips while on the road:

  • Follow the speed limit and keep to the right side of the road, letting other drivers use the left lane for passing;
  • Indicate and allow plenty of time before lane changes to avoid cutting other drivers off;
  • Avoid tailgating and following others too closely;
  • If someone behaves aggressively towards you, try not to take it personally and do not engage;
  • If someone is swerving, following too closely, or engaging in other reckless maneuvers, fall back and give them plenty of space;
  • If you feel as if another driver poses a threat to you or others, pull over at the first public place and notify law enforcement officials.

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