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Slips And Falls In Oregon Have Devastating Impacts On Older Adults

Older adults in Oregon generally live active, independent lives. However, they need to be cautious when it comes to slips and falls. They are one of the most common causes of personal injuries and for people over the age of 65, the impacts can be severe. Our Oregon personal injury attorneys explain how they happen and your rights in filing a slip and fall claim.     

Common Causes Of Older Adult Slips and Falls In Oregon

Compared to their younger counterparts, it typically takes longer for older adults to bounce back from accidental injuries. Even a seemingly minor mishap can have major health impacts. This is particularly true when it comes to slip-and-fall accidents in Oregon

According to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), slips and falls are a leading cause of death and disability for adults age 65 and over. Nearly one-third of older residents who are involved in a slip and fall accident suffer severe trauma, with common injuries including head trauma, fractured hips, and damage to muscles, tendons, or other soft tissues. 

Slips and falls can occur at home or when visiting family or friends, but are especially common in stores, restaurants, doctor’s offices, and other public places. Common causes of slip and falls accidents in Oregon include: 

  • Wet, slippery floors;
  • Uneven tile or other flooring materials;
  • Work carpeting;
  • Lack of anti-slip mats at entrances;
  • Lack of handrails on stairs;
  • Dim lighting;
  • Chipped sidewalks;
  • Failure to maintain outdoor landscaping.  

Your Rights In Filing A Slip And Fall Accident Claim

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that while slips and falls can have serious impacts for people of all ages, they can be especially devastating for older adults. Injuries suffered can aggravate pre-existing medical conditions, cause a general decline in health or mobility, and may even hasten an untimely death. 

When property owners fail to provide routine maintenance, take proper safety precautions, or do not warn visitors of potential hazards, they can be held liable in a premises liability claim. Insurance policies they have in place may help cover some of your damages, but it is common for claims to either be denied or downplayed.

Before signing any documents or agreeing to any settlements, reach out to our Oregon personal injury attorneys. We negotiate to get you the maximum amount possible. We can also assist you in taking your case to court. Compensation available includes: 

  • Coverage of all current and future medical expenses;
  • Reimbursement for lost earnings or benefits;
  • Additional amounts for pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment in life;
  • Compensation for family members, in the event slip and fall injuries prove fatal. 

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