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String of Hit and Run Pedestrian Accidents In Portland Kills One, Leaves Five Others Injured

Pedestrian accidents in Portland happen on an unfortunately regular basis. With little to protect them in these crashes, injuries suffered by pedestrians are often severe. In the majority of cases, it is the reckless and negligent actions of drivers involved that are responsible. As they can be held liable for the medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses victims suffer, it is not uncommon for at-fault drivers to flee the scene. This is what happened in a recent string of pedestrian hit-and-run accidents in Portland, which claimed the life of one person and left five others with serious personal injuries.

Residents Help Capture Hit and Run Driver in Portland Pedestrian Accident

Community residents are being hailed for helping to catch a hit and run driver responsible for a string of pedestrian accidents in Portland. According to a January 25, 2021 report by KOIN News, the first collision happened near Laurelhurst Park around 1 p.m. Witnesses reported seeing a Honda Element flee the scene. Over the course of the next hour, police received other calls regarding pedestrian accidents involving the same vehicle at 32nd and Belmont, 33rd and Belmont, and 37th and Pine. The driver ended up crashing near Stark Street, exiting the vehicle and attempting to take off on foot. Residents nearby corralled the driver until local police could arrive. 

While police are continuing to investigate the series of crashes and have not formally announced what charges the driver will face, at least six pedestrian accident victims have been identified. All were transported to local hospitals. One died from their injuries shortly after arrival and the others are listed in critical condition but expected to recover. 

Holding At Fault Drivers Accountable

Under the Oregon Revised Statutes, drivers are required to come to a stop, notify police, provide their identification, and render aid to any victims in the event of an accident. Failing to do so could result in serious criminal charges. Penalties for hit and run include fines totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars and up to a 20 year jail sentence, depending on the severity of injuries involved. 

In addition to criminal penalties, drivers in hit and run pedestrian accident cases face civil liability as well. Victims have the right to file a lawsuit against them, seeking compensation for current and future medical expenses and lost wages, as well as for their pain and suffering. Once a judgement is issued by the courts, it can be enforced through wage garnishment, seizure of funds in bank accounts and any benefits the at-fault party receives, and liens against their property. 

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