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Things to See & Do on a Bicycle in Portland

Portland is a one of the best places in the country for bicycling enthusiasts. With over 300 miles of bike walkways and special events geared specifically towards bike riders almost every weekend, we’ve earned the title of Bike City, USA. There’s no better way to get fit and be healthy while experiencing the great outdoors, and if you’ve never experienced Portland by bike before, now is the time.

Whether you’re a cycling aficionado with your own bike and all the corresponding gear, or if you just rent a bike for the day, we’ve compiled a list of things to see and do on two wheels that would make anyone an enthusiast.

Riding Portland’s Bikeways

Portland is well known by cycling enthusiasts for the trails and pathways that comprise the 40 Mile Loop Trail running around and through the city. The trail has been an ongoing project for several decades now, and will end up being over 140 miles long while connecting more than 30 city parks.

There are a variety of terrains for bikers to enjoy, some level, some mountainous, others running alongside rivers and bays, or taking riders through dense forests. Grab your bike, pick a segment of trial to explore, and enjoy. With the help of Travel Portland, here are some of our favorites:

  • Springwater Corridor: On the east side of the Willamette River, the Springwater Corridor is the major southeast segment of the 40 Mile Loop. Its 21-mile long paved bike and pedestrian trail follows a former railway line, and takes riders through a variety of terrains. Cyclists can pedal through the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, Leach Botanical Gardens, and Powell Butte Park.
  • Vera Katz Eastbank Esplanade: Connecting to the Springwater Corridor is the Eastbank Esplanade, a 1.5-mile trail which connects to Waterfront Park. At Waterfront Park, cyclists will find ample opportunities for rest and relaxation at benches, overlooks, and plazas throughout the park. The Esplanade provides dramatic views of downtown Portland as well as the Willamette River.
  • Forest Park: Forest Park is the largest urban park in the country, and hosts an abundance of wildlife. The Wildwood Trail, a 30-mile trail running through the park, is perfect for bikers. The park provides bikers with excellent views of the Columbia River and Mount St. Helens.

Portland Events Geared to Cyclists

With the popularity of bicycle riding, it’s no surprise that there are numerous events geared just toward cyclists. These events provide fun and fellowship, and whatever your interests, there’s a Portland bike event to suit you.

Sunday Parkways are held May through September in different neighborhoods each year, and offer cyclists a chance to bike their favorite neighborhood streets in a car-free zone while providing food, entertainment, and activities.

The Portland Bridge Pedal in August is another car-free event, allowing cyclists to pedal their favorite Willamette River Bridges.

The Cirque Du Cycling offers live music, food, street races and family events, while proceeds benefit a local charity.

Perhaps one of the biggest highlights of the year is Pedalpalooza, a three-week celebration with over 200 events, culminating in one of the largest stagings anywhere of the infamous World Naked Bike Ride.

Portland Bike Accident Attorneys

At the Johnston Law Firm, we love bicycling as much as you do. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents can – and do – happen. In the event of a bicycle accident, call our experienced bike injury attorneys. Our Portland bicycle attorneys understand the joys of bicycle riding, and are experienced representing cyclists rights. For information on bicycle safety, as well as some practical tips, see our related blog.


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