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Top 5 Rear Facing Seats For Your Child

Protection is a top priority for parents and safety officials in Oregon share this concern. To help minimize risks and ensure their safety in the event of a car accident, recently passed legislation mandates children under the age of two ride in rear-facing car seats when traveling. If you are a parent or have friends or family members with small children, you will want to be aware of why the new law was passed, and what car seats rank at the top of the list in terms of safety.

Oregon Law Aims At Increasing Child Safety In Car Accidents

A June 2017 KGW news report states that Governor Kate Brown recently signed the new child car seat law in an effort to reduce the risk of serious and potentially fatal injuries suffered by small children in Oregon car accidents. The law changes requirements for using rear-facing car seats, extending it from one to two years of age and making Oregon the sixth state in the nation to mandate the seats for infants and toddlers. While the penalty for non-compliance is $250, you risk paying a far greater price in the event your child is not in a rear facing seat when a car accident occurs.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), car accident injuries are one of the leading causes of death for children between the ages of one and four. NIH studies show that for children under the age of two, rear-facing car seats offer better protection by providing greater support for the head, neck, and abdomen and absorbing more of the force of impact, reducing the number of injuries and their severity.

Choosing the Right Car Seat To Protect Your Child

Rear-facing car seats generally rest on a base that stays mounted and secure in the vehicle, while the seat itself can be removed and used as an infant carrier. Consumer Reports states that while all child safety seats being sold in the U.S. are required to conform with federal safety regulations, there is plenty of margin in terms of how they perform in an actual crash.

Child safety seats range in price from $60 to over $400, but in testing the consumer advocacy group determined that price was not always an indicator of quality or protection. Out of 35 different models, the following ranked among the top five rear-facing car seats in terms of safety:

  • Britax B-Safe: $209 on Amazon
  • Chicco KeyFit: $199 on Amazon
  • Cybex Aton 2: $199 on Amazon
  • Cosco Comfy Carry; $76 on Amazon
  • EvenFlo Secure Ride. $254 on Amazon

Protecting Your Family In The Event Of Car Accidents and Injuries

Once your child turns two, you should use front-facing car seats until they reach the maximum weight limit of 40 pounds, while older children and adults should use seat belts every time they are in the vehicle. In the event a car accident does occur, contact the Johnston Law Firm. Our experienced car accident attorneys can help ensure your rights to compensation are protected, while you focus on your family’s recovery. Call or contact us online and request a free consultation today.


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