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Truck Accident on Icy Overpass Emphasizes Need for Caution

The wintry weather Portland has been experiencing lately has wreaked havoc on the roads. With colder temperatures, even slight amounts of precipitation can make driving treacherous. This is especially true on major highways, where bridges and overpasses are likely to freeze before other areas. Considering these are roads heavily frequented by tractor-trailers, tanker trucks, and other big rigs, motorists need to be aware of the increased risk these conditions present for truck accidents and injuries. A recent crash involving a tanker that left a passing motorist trapped in his vehicle emphasizes the dangers and the actions drivers need to take to keep themselves safe.  

Tanker Truck Overpass Accident Leaves Motorist Trapped in Vehicle

Icy conditions are being blamed for a tanker truck accident that occurred on the I-5 southbound ramp to I-84 eastbound in Portland on Saturday, February 9, 2019. Alarming accident photos posted by Channel 13/KVAL News show how a motorist in an SUV became trapped in his own vehicle when the back end of the truck skidded across multiple lanes, pinning him against the guardrail.

Investigators claim that the crash occurred during the early morning hours, when the overpass was likely still slick due to frigid overnight temperatures. The tail end of the tanker truck apparently slid on this ice while rounding a bend, impacting an SUV traveling alongside it in the opposing lane. While the accident caused the interchange ramp to be closed for several hours, resulting in extensive traffic delays, both the truck driver and the motorist are reported to have suffered no major injuries. Fortunately, there was no breach of the fuel being transported by the tanker as well.

Drivers Need to Be Alert for Icy Overpass Conditions

The Weather Channel warns drivers to be alert that even when surrounding roads seem clear, bridges and overpasses can still present significant dangers. These tend to freeze up more quickly than other areas due to the fact that cold air flows both over and under the surface, lowering the overall pavement temperature. This makes patches of black ice more likely to form in these areas. Unfortunately, while this often goes undetected by drivers, it can cause them to skid and lose control over their vehicle.

During the cold weather months, it is important to be aware of the potential for icy conditions when traveling on highways, bridges, and overpasses, as well as when entering exit or entrance ramps, particularly if there are large trucks in the area. You should always avoid driving directly alongside these big rigs, where you will likely disappear in the trucker’s blind spot. When passing, avoid doing so on turns or curves in the road, where trucks are more likely to skid or overturn.

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