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Two Portland Pedestrian Accidents Involving Trains Highlight Potential Dangers

Plenty of Portland residents rely on trains to get to and from work or to run various errands. There are several rail service providers in the area, with tracks that zig zag throughout the city and surrounding neighborhoods. Unfortunately, the placement of these tracks and of train stations can impact people walking nearby, resulting in pedestrian accidents. Considering the severe injuries that often result, it is important to be aware of the risks.  

Pedestrian Accidents In Portland Involving Trains

While pedestrian accidents in which victims are struck by trains may seem like a tragic but unlikely occurrence, these types of collisions happen on a regular basis. Two pedestrian train accidents recently occurred in the city within days of each other. The first involves a pedestrian who was struck by a TriMet train near the Lloyd Center in Northeast Portland. 

According to a KOIN News report, the accident occurred relatively close to the station but investigators have yet to release any details about the causes. The victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment of their injuries while train passengers were warned about disruptions of service along the blue, green and red TriMet MAX lines for hours afterward.

A similar type of pedestrian accident in Portland occurred just two days later, this time involving an Amtrak train. Unfortunately, it ended up proving fatal for the victim involved. According to an April 24 news report, a pedestrian was killed after being struck by a train near Southeast Clay Street and Southeast 2nd Avenue. Police continue investigating the causes in that case.  

Who Is Liable For Pedestrian Accidents Involving Trains?

When people hear about people getting struck by trains, they may sometimes assume it was either a suicide or the result of someone taking unnecessary risks. The fact is that this is generally not what happens. Standing near or walking on train tracks poses obvious dangers but the layout of routes and the design of stations often makes it impossible for pedestrians to avoid. 

A StreetsBlog report explored the issue of pedestrian accidents caused by trains and found there were four common problems that made them more likely to occur: 

  • When train tracks or stations are located on busy city streets or other high-density areas;
  • When tracks run through neighborhoods and near housing developments;
  • When tracks divide city residents from stations or business districts;
  • When trains operating in well-populated areas are permitted to travel at high rates of speed. 

When train accidents occur in any of the above situations, there may be multiple parties who are responsible. Those liable include train operators who engage in reckless driving behaviors, train station employees who are negligent in their duties, and train company executives who allow dangerous policies to be put in place.   

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